Mandated Reporter Training

Volunteers provide a critical connection among our students, schools and community. Thank you for visiting this Mandated Reporter Training page to learn more about your legal obligation to report child abuse.

Volunteers may access all necessary materials to better understand Georgia's new Mandated Reporter law on this page. If you choose to view the presentation, the preferred process to receive the greatest benefit of the training is to access the Child Abuse Prevention Handout and have it available while viewing the Mandated Reporter video presentation.

Mandated Reporter Training Presentation

Child Abuse Prevention Handout (Mandated Reporter)

Mandated Reporter Notification for Volunteers

Georgia Mandated Reporter Law (OCGA 19-7-5)

Designated Reporters for Dalton Public Schools

  • Principal or Assistant Principal of the child's school

  • Counselor of the child's school

School Social Worker

  • Jackie Taylor, Lead Social Worker (706) 876-4506

    Brookwood School & City Park School

  • Nicole Errickson (706) 876-4379

    Blue Ridge School, Park Creek School, Roan School & Westwood School

  • John Allen (706) 876-4669

    Dalton Middle School
  • Stephanie Guster (706) 876-4945

    Dalton High School & Morris Innovative High School

District Contact

  • Craig Harper, Chief Administrative Officer (706) 876-4071
    Central Office