DEF Grants and Applications

These grants were awarded to Dalton Public Schools’ staff for innovative instructional designs so that educators are provided resources not otherwise available to them. Congratulations to each of the individuals/teams who were awarded these grants.

2017-18 Grants for Instruction

Application and Instructions

2016-17 Grants
Recipient: School: Grant: Funded By:
Renee Mahan Brookwood Fiber Arts... The Untold Story All
Michelle Huch Westwood Newcomers' Neat Tool! Tom Jones, Rowena Martin, Wish List
Marian Pinson Westwood New Student! New Language? No Problem! Tom Jones, Rowena Martin, Wish List
Ashley Langford Park Creek Frozen: A Classroom Transformation Tom Jones Rowena Martin
Kara Matthews Brookwood Quaver Rowena Martin, Wish List
Dana Buck Park Creek Our Community: Then and Now Janice Meadows U.S. History
Liz Forberger Brookwood Social Studies Comes Alive Janice Meadows U.S. History
Julie Fischer Brookwood Awesome Authors Wish List
Mary Lynn Jones Dalton Middle Connecting the Dots Wish List
Trevor Ledford Dalton High Creative Resources Wish List
Susan Jaconetti Westwood Georgia Birds of a Feather! Wish List
Alecia Hagberg Dalton High Lab Cats 2016-2017 Wish List
Mark Mardis Roan Music and Movement Wish List
Wendy Norfleet Park Creek Music Works Wish List
Katy Stacy Brookwood Soaring Into Excellence Wish List
Lisa Parham Roan Social Studies Made Easy Wish List
Emily Carpenter Brookwood Aquaponics Growlight Tom Jones
Julie Fischer Brookwood Brookwood Birdwatchers Tom Jones
Julie Fischer Brookwood Brookwood Botanist Tom Jones
Lisa Cushman City Park Captivated by Code Tom Jones
Pat Hunt Morris Innovative High Examining the Body Tom Jones
Jessica Clark Brookwood Give Bees a Chance - Observation Honeybee Hive Tom Jones
Gina Gray Dalton MIddle Gooood Morning DMS - Elevating Student news Tom Jones
Jennifer Shupe Brookwood Hooked on Hydroponics Tom Jones
Stacie Phillips Brookwood MimioTeach: Making a Dry Erase Board Interactive Tom Jones
Dana Baxter Brookwood Nature Spies with our Little Eyes Tom Jones
William Henderson Dalton Middle Rolling into the Future Tom Jones
Megan Simmons Dalton Middle Sensory Yard Tom Jones
Tiffany Thompson Brookwood A Walk in the Park: A Journey through the Solar System Rowena Martin
Jessica Bramlett Brookwood BW Monarch Rescuers Sanctuary and Research Center Rowena Martin
Suzy Thomas Westwood Butterfly or Moth? Rowena Martin
Hannah Talley City Park CATS In Career County Rowena Martin
C.J. Little Dalton High Kratky, Raft, or Fallow? Rowena Martin
Shalisa Love City Park Moving to the Beat of Learning Rowena Martin
Marie Dills Brookwood Our Garden is Growing Rowena Martin
Shalisa Love City Park Outfitted with Love Rowena Martin
Martha Thomason Westwood Robotics with Hummingbirds Rowena Martin
Matthew Sane Dalton Middle "Selfies" the Old Fashioned Way Rowena Martin

Charles E. Bowen, Sr. Leadership and Service Grant

Grants Funded Amount
Dalton High School Student Council $2,500
Dalton High School Mock Trial $850
Dalton High School CTSO $1,375
2015-16 Scholarships
Student Scholarship
Jay Tripp Entrepreneurial Scholarship
Romina Mendoza Dale Cook Memorial Award
Gabriel Huerta Demera Keith Robinson Memorial Scholarship
Alondra Quintero Harlan Starr Memorial Scholarship
Moises Ponce John Bruner Memorial Scholarship
Erika Moreno James E. Martin Math Scholarship
Melanie Sparks Willisa H. Marsh Future Educators of America
Jackson Poole Business Leader of Tomorrow Scholarship
Whellmer Martinez-Arana Anonymous Scholarship
Valeria Trujillo Anonymous Scholarship
Mincie Jones Karen Kirkman

Hale Academic Excellence in Teaching Award

Jim Wickets - Dalton High School

2015-16 Grants

Recipient: School: Grant: Funded By: Jane Pate Dalton Middle Monuments Men Rescue -- 8th Grade Art History Wish List Aubrey Poppel Morris Innovative Garden Lab Wish List Greta Young Rowland Park Creek Colonial "Selfies" Janice Meadows Angela Conway Brookwood Dalton History for Kids Janice Meadows Celeste Martin Brookwood Geocaching: Sleuthing Learning Clues Tom Jones Meredith Andersen, Mary Carlson, Martha Thomason Westwood Have STEAM, Will Travel Wish List Evangeline Starks Dalton High Learning Through Play Wish List Shauna Sanders Roan, Brookwood, City Park, Westwood Building STEAM in Libraries Tom Jones Dana Baxter Building Engineers Brookwood Tom Jones Lisa Cushman Lil' Bits of Innovation City Park Tom Jones Hailey Brock Teens in the Driver Seat, LIVE RED Dalton High Wish List Annette Rojas, Tiffany Thompson, Sonia Elkins Brookwood Mighty Micro Invertebrates Tom Jones Katy Stacy Food Detectives Brookwood Rowena Martin Suzy Thomas Butterfly or Moth? Westwood Tom Jones Suzy Thomas All Around the Town Westwood Wish List Jane Keegan, Paul Weaver, Renee Mahan Trout in the Classroom Brookwood Rowena Martin Gina Grey Student Reporting Lab Dalton Middle Wish List Wendy Norfleet Rumble in the Jungle Park Creek Rowena Martin Paige Watts iTranslate Morris Innovative Wish List Megan Simmons Sensory Room with Friends Dalton Middle Tom Jones Anna Hart Let's Get Out of Here! Park Creek Tom Jones Amy Gleaton Science Matters Dalton High Tom Jones Alice Ensley Big Red READS Community Tom Jones Alecia Hagberg Lab Cats Dalton High & All 5th Grade Wish List Trevor Ledford Creative Resources Dalton High Wish List Kara Stadelman Music in Motion Brookwood Wish List