Federal Programs

A Federal Programs Parent Advisory Council has been created to serve as parent advisory for all federal programs.  Federal Programs Parent Advisory Council (FPPAC) members include representation from federal program coordinators, district and school administrators, parents, instructional program representatives from special education, English language learners, business community, students, and other government agencies.

Meetings are held several times per year for the following purposes:

  • Receive data and program budgets (provide input)
  • Approve budgets for Consolidated Application
  • Interim status report
  • Final report
  • The migrant program also holds multiple PAC meetings throughout the year in order to keep parents informed and to seek their input.

The following stakeholders are involved in various capacities in providing input into federal program planning and implementation: Dalton Board of Education, school administrators, content & engagement staff/professional learning, district and school design teams (includes teachers, paraprofessionals, administrative support services staff), school councils, and FPPAC.

Public Review of Consolidated Application

Dalton Public Schools held a public meeting for final review of the district’s Consolidated Application on Thursday, August 1, at City Hall, 300 W. Waugh Street, in the third floor board conference room.  Georgia’s Consolidated Application allows Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) to submit one comprehensive application for funding for several federal and state programs. Each year, LEAs must submit this application to the Georgia Department of Education in order to receive federal funds. An LEA’s application provides a plan for improving student achievement.

For additional information, please contact the District Title I Coordinator at 706.876.4000.