• DHS YOUTH FOOTBALL CAMP Dalton High School

    Dalton High School Turf Room

  • Bravo! Summer Music Camp (Berry College) Dalton Middle School

    Dalton Middle School Off Campus

  • Dalton Board of Education Special Work Session - Secondary Facilities - City Hall

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  • Board of Education Work Session - City Hall

    BOE Conference Room

  • Board of Education Special Work Session-Strategic Secondary Facility Presentation - City Hall

    City Hall Council Chambers

Natural Teacher, Distinguished Educator

Gretchen Abernathy has been teaching for 28 years and every day she makes sure to accomplish one thing. “I try to always make eye contact with my students and make conversation with them,” said Abernathy. “You can have all the knowledge in the world about your subject, know the standards inside out an upside down. But, if you don’t have rapport with you students, it doesn’t matter what you teach them or how much you know.”

Educating students to become contributing citizens to the world.

We aspire to a vision where each student of Dalton Public Schools engages in interesting, challenging, and satisfying experiences that result in profound learning in academic disciplines, synthesis, creativity, respect, and ethics so that each student is a contributing citizen of the world..