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Dalton Foundation Awards 41 Teacher Grants
Dalton Foundation Awards 41 Teacher Grants
These grants give teachers an opportunity to do something innovative that requires some additional funding outside of the regular school budgets.
Judges Reviewing Applications

The Dalton Education Foundation (DEF) supports great instruction by funding innovative teacher grants in Dalton Public Schools. This year, the DEF awarded 41 fully or partially-funded teacher grants, investing almost $43,500 in the school district.

"The Dalton Education Foundation is excited to be able to put substantial funding back into the classrooms of Dalton Public Schools," said Mike Maret, president of the foundation. "These grants give teachers an opportunity to do something innovative that requires some additional funding outside of the regular school budgets. The foundation trustees and I are pleased to assist teachers in doing what they do best – create engaging experiences so that students learn at higher levels."

Sheila Yarborough Receives Grant

Teachers are encouraged to complete applications for teacher grants in February. They must explain their idea, estimate the cost and describe how their idea will engage students in interesting, challenging and satisfying work. The applications are reviewed by a committee of one representative from each school and representation from the grant providers. The committee provides their proposal to the Foundation Board of Trustees, and the best ideas receive full or partial funding.

Grant winners this year include Bekah Cook, Blue Ridge; Carmen Flammini, Renee Mahan and Liz Forberger, Brookwood; Sara Rutledge and Lisa Cushman, City Park; Colleen McGoldrick, Wendy Norfleet and Kay Dean, Park Creek; Margaret Kolbas, Jerre Crockett, Shauna Sanders, Heath Ellis, Amanda Hisle, Anne Fetzer, Briana Ridley and Sara Stevens, Roan; Suzy Thomas, Michelle Huch, Lane Raber, Martha Thomason and Ashley Martin, Westwood; Mathew Sane, Christa Mathis, Jo McKinney, Kim Fleming and Elena Jas, Dalton Middle; Alecia Hagberg, Whitney Hollifield, CJ Little, Ava Wyatt, Lacie Coquerille and Trevor Ledford, Dalton High; Paige Watts, Sheila Yarbrough and Phil Riner, Morris Innovative High.

Renee Mahan Receives Grant

Grants given for multi-school projects include Ava Wyatt for Brookwood and Dalton High; Becky Jewell and Wes Phinney for Morris Innovative High and Dalton High; and Beth Granger for City Park and Westwood.

The Foundation has four grant programs that teachers may apply for: the Rowena Hyatt Martin Creative Teaching Grant, the Tom Jones Grants for Excellence, the Janice Meadows Grant for U. S. History and the DPS Payroll Deduction Teacher's Wish List.

The Dalton Education Foundation is a non-profit organization that focuses on developing, supporting, and promoting excellence in Dalton Public Schools. For more information, go to http://www.daltonpublicschools.com/about-dps/Dalton-Education-Foundation.