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DEF Grants, Scholarships and Applications

Hints for Applying

BE SPECIFIC! If you need things to accomplish your idea, tell us exactly what you have in mind and how it will help you reach your goal:

  • What kind of materials?
  • What series of literature?
  • What destination(s)?
  • What kind of equipment?


  • Do your homework on proposal.
  • Get the best estimates you can on what ideas will cost.
  • Provide clarity of costs.
  • Be sure your idea is not something:
    1. The Board of Education will fund.
    2. Your school budget covers.
    3. Covered by professional learning.

SELECT WHICH GRANT FOR WHICH YOU WILL APPLY. Pay attention to the purpose of each grant and make sure that your application fits that purpose.


  • How will your ideas engage students with interesting, challenging and satisfying work?
  • It is not necessary to serve a large number of children to have a good proposal.
  • It helps to show what group(s) may benefit

GIVE YOUR PROJECT A SHORT, EASY-TO-IDENTIFY TITLE A title that quickly summarizes your idea helps the Selection Committee. It also helps focus on the purpose of your project.

NAME SOMEONE WE CAN CONTACT FOR INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR PROPOSAL DEF Selection Committees may need to contact people for more information in the midst of a meeting. Help them reach you!

Tom Jones Educator of the Year Award

Nominations are now being accepted for the Tom Jones Educator of the Year award sponsored by the Dalton Education Foundation. The award is given every year to an educator in Dalton Public Schools who has made significant contributions to the education of children in Dalton and who symbolizes excellence in teaching.

The endowed award is named in memory of Tom Jones, a prominent Dalton businessman who served on the Dalton Board of Education for 26 years and was chairman from 1967 to 1986. The award was started in 1987. Jones, who was the co-founder of J&J Industries, was a native of Dalton and a product of Dalton Public Schools. He is fondly remembered as an avid supporter for Dalton and the school district.

Click here for the nomination form!

Dale Cook Support Staff of the Year Award

Do you know a student support staff member in Dalton Public Schools who should be recognized for their hard work and passion for working in our schools to improve the opportunity for student learning by making 'school' a better place for our students?

Nominations are now being accepted for the Dale Cook Support Educator of the Year Award, which is sponsored by the Dalton Education Foundation, friends, and the family of Ms. Cook. This is a new award and will be given every year to a student support staff member in Dalton Public Schools who has made significant contributions to the educational opportunity of children in Dalton through their efforts to make the school a warm, safe, and caring place to learn. Student Support Staff member is defined as a non-certificated, non-classroom position at either the school or district level.

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Karen Lightbody Kirkman Piano/Music Scholarship

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Purpose – The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage and enable promising piano and other instrument students in the Dalton Public Schools to pursue further music studies and to use that knowledge and those talents for the benefit of the community.

KAREN LIGHTBODY KIRKMAN, a very talented pianist and 1962 graduate of Dalton High School, donated her abilities countless times to our community through school, church, and other civic performances and accompaniment for many years. It was her wish that this scholarship help others to “take her place” by giving back to their communities through the gift of their musical talents. The family has chosen to expand the award to include piano and other instruments on an alternating year basis, one year in piano and the next year for any other instrument. This year, the award will be given in the area of piano. The award is need based and the funds go directly to pay for continued musical lessons.

Selection Process – The selection process consists of three steps: application, screening, and selection:

Application – The application consists of basic biographical information; a resume of the student’s musical study, performances, and experience; a repertoire list of what the student has played; a student questionnaire in which the student commits to use his/her talents for the community; two letters of recommendation regarding the student’s musical abilities and experience from two non-family members, including at least one from a Fine Arts Professional (one who spends at least fifty percent of his/her working hours teaching or performing in the arts); and an audition tape of the student performing two musical selections (at least one selection should be classical musical).

Screening – A screening committee will review all parts of the application and select no more than five finalists for the scholarship

Selection – Finalists will be expected to play two selections (can be the same or different from those submitted with application) for the judges in a closed audition environment. The judges will conduct a brief interview of each finalist during the audition timeslot.

Funding awarded to the winners will be used for continued music lessons and will be paid directly to the music instructor.

Application Deadline – Friday, April 9; 4:30 PM
Performance Auditions – Tuesday, May 18
Winner Announcement – Monday, May 24

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These grants were awarded to Dalton Public Schools’ staff for innovative instructional designs so that educators are provided resources not otherwise available to them. Congratulations to each of the individuals/teams who were awarded these grants.

DEF Grant Awarded at BrookwoodDEF Grant Awarded at MIHS

2019-20 Grants Awarded

Recipient: School: Grant: Funded By:
Melissa Lambert Dalton High Sculpture Program Grant All
Renee Mahan Brookwood Back to Nature with Natural Inks and Dyes All
Phil Riner Morris Innovative High Photo Studio Upgrade All
Stephanie Redding Westwood DIY (Designing it Yourself) ClubAll
Daphnie Jones City Park CHESS for Strategic ThinkingAll
Malisa PedroAll DPS Elementary Schools Experiencing History Summer Field TripsJanice Meadows
Amy ShermanRoan Traveling History TrunksJanice Meadows
Julie Fischer Brookwood Lions Literacy FairRowena Martin
Trevor LedfordDalton HighArt Vending (Phase II)Rowena Martin
Susan Barlow & Carmen FlamminiBrookwoodSpace and Earth ExplorationRowena Martin
Felicia CorbinDalton Middle Renewable Energy InnovationRowena Martin
Suzy ThomasWestwood P.S. I Love YouRowena Martin
Tyler ToddBlue RidgeReviving our Butterfly GardenRowena Martin
Courtenay CholovichDalton MiddleDramatic Results: Rigorous Learning through Theatre Arts Class and Extracurriculars Rowena Martin
Jesus JacoboDalton HigheSports Gaming MachinesRowena Martin
Rita RehbergPark Creek "Its All Fun & Games" ClubRowena Martin
Ava WyattDalton HighWanderlust: Give a Gnome a HomeRowena Martin
Julie FischerBrookwoodKindness Kids ClubRowena Martin
Whitney Hollifield Dalton HighGreek Theatre MasksRowena Martin
Rodney GipsonMorris Innovative HighScience of SoundRowena Martin
Tera RossBlue Ridge, Park Creek, Dalton Middle, Dalton High Adapted P.E. EquipmentTom Jones
Malisa PedroAll DPS Elementary SchoolsSTEM Summer Field TripsTom Jones
Margaret KolbasRoanMini-Nature ReserveTom Jones
Melanie FraneyDalton High/City ParkBuddy Program BusTom Jones
Zach MillerRoanRoan Soccer RescueTeacher's Wishlist
Amy BagleyPark Creek Electrifying Electric CircuitsTeacher's Wishlist
Chanel DeanPark Creek Let's Go TubingTeacher's Wishlist
Kay DeanPark CreekShe's Bonnie

Teacher's Wishlist

Ashley BrindlePark CreekColor Me UnicornTeacher's Wishlist
Courtenay CholovichDalton MiddleDramatic Results: Rigorous Learning in the Theatre ClassroomTeacher's Wishlist
Lisa ParhamRoanSuperb StorytellingTeacher's Wishlist
Michelle HuchWestwood Newcomers' Nifty New AppTeacher's Wishlist
Michelle HuchWestwood Rolling, Rolling, Rolling, Down the River Hallway

Teacher's Wishlist

Amy ShermanRoanInvestigating History Through Primary Sources

Teacher's Wishlist

Shalisa LoveMorris Innovative HighTeacher Tigers Bus

Teacher's Wishlist

Stacey HaynesPark CreekPark Creek Sensory Room

Teacher's Wishlist

Charles E. Bowen, Sr. Leadership and Service Grant

Grants Funded Amount
DHS Student Council$2,000
DMS Arts in the Community $1,000
MIHS FBLA $1,826

Hale Academic Excellence in Teaching Award

Ava Wyatt - $1,125 and small desk lamp awarded.