Public PK-12 School District in Dalton, Georgia

DEF Grants, Scholarships and Applications

Hints for Applying

BE SPECIFIC! If you need things to accomplish your idea, tell us exactly what you have in mind and how it will help you reach your goal:

  • What kind of materials?
  • What series of literature?
  • What destination(s)?
  • What kind of equipment?


  • Do your homework on proposal.
  • Get the best estimates you can on what ideas will cost.
  • Provide clarity of costs.
  • Be sure your idea is not something:
    1. The Board of Education will fund.
    2. Your school budget covers.
    3. Covered by professional learning.

SELECT WHICH GRANT FOR WHICH YOU WILL APPLY. Pay attention to the purpose of each grant and make sure that your application fits that purpose.


  • How will your ideas engage students with interesting, challenging and satisfying work?
  • It is not necessary to serve a large number of children to have a good proposal.
  • It helps to show what group(s) may benefit

GIVE YOUR PROJECT A SHORT, EASY-TO-IDENTIFY TITLE A title that quickly summarizes your idea helps the Selection Committee. It also helps focus on the purpose of your project.

NAME SOMEONE WE CAN CONTACT FOR INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR PROPOSAL DEF Selection Committees may need to contact people for more information in the midst of a meeting. Help them reach you!

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These grants were awarded to Dalton Public Schools’ staff for innovative instructional designs so that educators are provided resources not otherwise available to them. Congratulations to each of the individuals/teams who were awarded these grants.

DEF Grant Awarded at BrookwoodDEF Grant Awarded at MIHS

2017-18 Grants Awarded

Recipient: School: Grant: Funded By:
Renee Mahan Brookwood Fossils...melted in time All
Renee Mahan Brookwood Bowls of Plenty All
Sara Rutledge City Park Bloxels! All
Suzy Thomas Westwood Math to GoAll
Michelle Huch Westwood It's Alive! Reading and Math SolutionsAll
Liz ForbergerBrookwood Social Studies Comes AliveJanice Meadows
Lane RaberWestwood Follow the trail of the CherokeeJanice Meadows/ Wishlist/Tom Jones
Bekah Cook Blue Ridge Innovative Classroom TablesRowena Martin
Carmen FlaminiBrookwoodMacro & Micro World of NatureRowena Martin
Liz ForbergerBrookwoodSewing ClubRowena Martin
Beth GrangerCity Park/Westwood Launching InnovationRowena Martin
Alecia HagbergDalton High Chemistry ColorimetryRowena Martin
Whitney HollifieldDalton HighGreek Theatre MasksRowena Martin
CJ LittleDalton HighA Walk Through EdenRowena Martin
Matthew SaneDalton MiddleMatthew SaneRowena Martin
Christa Mathis, Jo McKinneyDalton Middle Legos for Earth Science Student ModelsRowena Martin
Kim FlemingDalton MiddleDMS Caught in ActionRowena Martin
Paige WattsMIHSiTranslateRowena Martin
Colleen McGoldrickPark Creek#LettuceLearnRowena Martin
Margaret KolbasRoanMini Nature ReserveRowena Martin
Suzy ThomasWestwood Butterfly or MothRowena Martin
Martha ThomasonWestwoodGoing Bananas!Rowena Martin
Sheila Yarbrough and Phil RinerMIHSMIHS Spirit StoreRowena Martin/ Tom Jones
Ava WyattDalton HighDalton in a BoxTom Jones
Ashley MartinWestwoodIt's Raining ManipulativesTom Jones
Ava WyattDalton High/ Brookwood Building a German Bridge: BW to DHSTom Jones
Elena JasDalton Middle Courtyard Garden/ IrrigationTom Jones
Becky Jewell and Wes PhinneyMIHS/ DHSSomething Rotten in AtlantaTom Jones
Jere Crockette and Shauna SandersRoanCode Monkeying AroundTom Jones
Wendy NorfleetPark CreekQuaver MusicTom Jones
Phil RinerMIHSPurchase 3 Wacom IntuosTom Jones/ Rowena Martin
Lisa CushmanCity Park Marble MadnessWishlist
Trevor LedfordDalton High Creation Supplies


Alecia Hagberg and Lacie CoquerilleDalton HighMolecular Models


Kay DeanPark CreekTooling Around


Shauna SandersRoanBuilding Logical and Critical Thinkers


Heath EllisRoanMore Bounce Needed


Amanda HisleRoanSTEM Fun for the Classroom


Anne FetzerRoanBeam me up Scottie!Wishlist

Briana RidleyRoanGuided Math GamesWishlist

Sara StevensRoanGetting Ziggi With ItWishlist

Charles E. Bowen, Sr. Leadership and Service Grant

Grants Funded Amount
To be announced

Hale Academic Excellence in Teaching Award

Renee Peppers and Sandy Crow - $1,125 and small desk lamp awarded.