1:1 Initiative

Students using devices

Technology in the classroom has become a necessity and not a luxury. Beginning in the 16-17 year, all Dalton Public Schools students in grades 3 - 12 were equipped with a device that became an integrated part of their classroom experience.

The district has been expanding the use and availability of technology in many of its classrooms over the last few years. Using E-SPLOST (Educational Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax) revenues and allocating local funds, the district was able to ensure devices would be available for students.

Dalton Public Schools will provide new devices to 3rd, 6th, and 9th grade students. All other students in 3- 12 grades will get currently leased devices to complete the one-to-one ratio. Once a student reaches 3rd, 6th, or 9th grade, they will get a new device to keep with them until they reach the next transitioned grade, graduation or leaves the district.

In order for students to be able to take their devices home, a release form will need to be signed by both the student and parent/guardian, and returned to the student's school. See the Memorandum of Understanding in our Student Handbook.

Device Damage & Repairs

There are some important changes for the 2017-18 school year regarding broken devices. All N23 devices in 3rd, 6th and 9th grades were purchased with full accidental warranty coverage. Only loss or theft of the device and the charger are not covered by the warranty. As the district continues to make device refresh purchases, the accidental warranty will also be included. This school year, repair costs for accidental damage to a device will not be charged to the student. Families will not need to purchase any insurance this year to cover accidental damage to devices. The district reserves the right to charge any student for a damaged device based upon school administration’s review of any particular incident. Any student found to willfully damage a device could face disciplinary action in addition to the cost for the repair of the device.


Each student will be provided one charger for his or her device at the beginning of the school year. Students should verify the functionality of their charger within the first week of receiving their device. If a charger is be found to be defective or damaged within the first week of a student having the device, then the district will replace the charger at no cost to the student. At the end of the school year the charger should be turned in with the device. If a student’s charger is lost or damaged throughout the school year, then the student may purchase another charger in the media center for $15.

Web Filtering

All devices have a web filter that will safeguard your student both on and off campus. If you suspect an inappropriate website is accessible on your child’s device, please report the content to your school administration team. The district technology team will review the website and take any necessary steps to block content where appropriate.

Taking Devices Home

Your student’s device is a vital part of instruction at Dalton Public Schools. Students will be able to take their device home throughout the school year. Each school and grade level will have different start dates for taking devices home. Please contact your school administration for more information.

Device Take Up

During May, devices will be collected in order to prepare them for the next school year. In addition, students who transfer to another district or withdraw from Dalton Public Schools should turn in their device before leaving the district. Any student who does not turn in their device or charger will be charged for the full replacement cost of the device and/or $15 for the charger.