Selected Event

1st International Conservation Symposium
Dalton State College

The Northwest Georgia and Southeast Tennessee areas are rich in their diversity of flora and fauna. A regional treasure is the Conasuga River which has one of the highest concentrations of aquatic biodiversity in North America. However, like many other rivers in the country, its biodiversity is in peril. Many fascinating terrestrial species also live or spend a portion of their lives in our region. Our area is part of the migratory corridor for the Monarch butterfly in its annual roundtrip journey between Mexico's Central Mountains and Canada.

During the past, various organizations, including the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute, Dalton State College, The Nature Conservancy, the Limestone Valley RC&D, and Brookwood Elementary School have focused their efforts on knowledge and conservation of the biodiversity that exists in this part of the United States.

The challenges are numerous but one of the best ways to achieve a greater commitment of our community in overcoming the challenges is through awareness and education.