Substitute Information

Substitutes fill a vital role by providing continuous instruction or instructional support when regular employees are absent for professional development or for other reasons. Individuals interested in substituting must complete an online application whenever the district is accepting new candidates. Applications are posted in the Career Center.


The preferable educational level for substitutes is at least an associate’s degree; however, individuals with a high school diploma or GED may qualify as a substitute at a lower daily pay rate. Substitutes MUST be at least 21 years of age, be certified teachers or have completed a substitute training workshop.


Individuals who have a teaching certificate or a substitute certificate from an approved Georgia Substitute Workshop may submit an application at any time applications are being accepted. Following an interview, reference check, and selection a substitute candidate must pay $50 (cashier’s check/money order/cash) for a background check and fingerprint processing. All substitutes MUST have a clear background check before being added to the substitute roster or accepting assignments.


Dalton Public Schools fills substitute vacancies through an automated substitute system. Although the system most effectively works via web browser, Aesop also has the capability to interact with substitutes by telephone. Each substitute can individualize the program to best meet his or her preferred access method, time, and scheduling needs.

All approved Dalton Public Schools substitutes are registered with Aesop and are provided an ID number and PIN. These numbers are issued from the Human Resources Department, but can be customized by the substitute after initial log-in. Visit Aesop for a complete demonstration.


Substitutes for certified teachers are paid a daily rate according to degree level and length of service. Substitutes for paraprofessional or other non-certified positions are paid a maximum rate of $50 per day, regardless of the length of service.

Substitute Pay Rates
GED, High School Diploma, Paraprofessional Vacancy $65
Associate's Degree $75
Bachelor's Degree (or Higher Degree)
1-10 Days $75
11 or More Days (in the same assignment, retroactive) $110
21 or More Days, certified teachers only (in the same assignment, not retroactive) $125

Paychecks are issued on the last working day of each month, except otherwise noted during months with holidays that interfere with the regular pay schedule. Substitutes may choose to be paid by direct deposit or may pick up the check at the district office on payday. Checks not picked up by the close of business are mailed that afternoon. Checks are not distributed to school locations.


Email Jessica Terrones, or call her at 706.876.4070

2017-2018 Substitute Handbook