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Communications Staff:

Kendra Pannell
Director of Communications

Ashley Smith 
Communications Specialist

Pat Holloway
Communications Specialist (Interim)

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Communications Mission

To promote understanding, trust, support, and approval from internal and external audiences that results in the continuous improvement of Dalton Public Schools to successfully prepare students for success in college, career, and civic life. 

Dalton Public Schools believes that ongoing, two-way communication between the district and its stakeholders, both internal and external, is vital to building trust, support, and buy-in within the district and the community, and maintaining a public for public schools. The district is committed to open, honest, and transparent communication that results in strong relationships with students, parents, staff, and other district stakeholders. 

Communication Goals

  • Communicate the achievements of the district, schools, students, and staff to internal and external audiences using a variety of media, both traditional and Social val, to maximize awareness and support
  • Positively influence public opinion and attitudes towards Dalton Public Schools and future the Dalton Difference brand to build understanding and support
  • Educate internal and external audiences about the district's goals, priorities, accomplishments, and challenges
  • Establish effective communication strategies and opportunities to actively engage the district's internal audience
  • Clearly articulate and create messaging around the Dalton Difference for the district's internal audience
  • Coordinate information and publicity for the schools through the efforts of the school-based publicists 
  • Maintain the district's dynamic web presence online and collaborate with school-based webmasters to ensure appropriate web presence for schools
  • Enhance and sustain robust community partnerships and parent engagement 
  • Develop and nurture a base of key community influencers
  • Provide ongoing training and support for administrators and staff on effective communication and customer service

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Got News? Is something good happening in your school or your child's school that the community should know about? Do you have good news to share about a class project, school activities, student and staff achievements or interesting people in the district? The Dalton Public Schools Communications team can help you get news out to a wider audience.

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