Teaching and Learning

The core business of Dalton Public Schools is to provide learning experiences that will engage each student. In order to engage students, teachers design experiences that are most likely to appeal to students’ values, interests and needs.

We believe that students must be engaged in order to learn at high levels; therefore, teachers as designers and leaders take the students’ values, interests, and needs into account as they design work. DPS utilizes instructional frameworks in literacy and numeracy to strengthen instruction and to offer opportunities for teachers to personalize instruction to each child’s needs.

Evaluating Student Performance in Dalton Public Schools

The evaluation of student performance in Dalton Public Schools is accomplished over time, with multiple pieces of data and with analysis at different tiers and by a variety of personnel and stakeholders. Analysis of state assessment results provides us with only one of multiple indicators that are used to determine strengths, set goals, determine priorities and initiate any corrective actions where needed in the overall instructional program. The state Report Card for Dalton Public Schools and all Georgia school districts is provided by the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement.