DPS Math

Dalton Public Schools has a robust mathematics framework, which considers each child and teacher a learner, designer and leader. This framework, built from a growth mindset, embodies our paramount mathematics belief that states, “All children can learn math at the highest levels.”

Goal setting is pivotal work for our students and teachers in the area of Mathematics. This requires our learning organization to be both intentional and effective about all of our resources—staff, time, space and expenditures. Every classroom from PreK-12th grade has a plethora of hands-on and digital resources where authentic learning comes to life. Through performance-based tasks, exemplars and inquiry, children in Dalton Public Schools are provided customized learning opportunities that are student-focused, data-driven and standards-based. Our resources actively develop the Standards for Mathematical Practice in our students while expanding teacher expertise. Our administrators and teachers recognize and correct misconceptions through student interviews, work protocols and progress monitoring. Growth and achievement of our students and staff are why we have invested long-term in our learning organization.

We consider our work in the area of Mathematics a delight. Our desire for each child is that they make great strides forward and that the impact is visible. Please take time to view our video clips to learn more about our cohesive and pervasive approach to mathematics.


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