Instructional Technology

Students working on laptops

The purpose of Instructional Technology is to provide digital strategies and technology enhancements to drive engaging learning and opportunistic resources for students and teachers, while creating innovative learning environments and experience for our contributing citizens.




Instructional technology is being used to engage and open doors to resources for students and teachers. We are a 1 to 1 district with touchscreen full functional laptops for 1st Grade to 12th Grade and iPads for Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten students.



Canvas is our learning management system for all grade levels. Course are created in collaboration with teachers, instructional coaches, and support staff for students to access content, assignments, learning activities, and engaging resources. Teachers use their Canvas courses both in face to face and virtual teaching aspects.




1:1 Initiative

Technology Tools

Allowing teachers to choose gadgets and technology to create an engaging experience and innovative outlets for students. Teachers have requested and gathered innovative tools to design meaningful work and engaging opportunities for students. We have placed technology in the hands of teachers and classrooms. Some of the examples are pictured below.


Technology conferences take place all over the world. DPS has sent teachers and staff to these conferences. 3D Day is our district's technology conference where teachers and staff can showcase work, teach sessions on best practices and experience technology and equipment. This district professional development day allows our educators to be both teacher and learner as they present the knowledge and practices they've learned from other conferences and gain knowledge from others.