Professional Learning

Teacher taking notes during professional learning session

Our people and their capacity to use their creativity, curiosity, knowledge, and passion coupled with the ability to effectively analyze, collaborate, design, and implement new learning are critical to accomplishing the district’s academic and organizational goals. An investment in our people and their development is at the heart of the Dalton Public Schools professional learning efforts.

Dalton Public Schools strives to follow the best practices for professional development that results in profound learning that may then positively affect student learning. Our philosophy is well stated in the following excerpt from an article by Learning Forward (formerly the National Staff Development Council).

"Professional learning is continuous improvement that occurs daily in schools. It is facilitated and designed by educators themselves and supported by external assistance providers when necessary. It focuses on educators' everyday work, strengthening their capacity, and increasing student results. It occurs as a part of the normal workday when students are in school. It engages educators as active learners in a process that continues over time. It weaves together acquisition of knowledge, development of skills, critique of, reflection on, and refinement of practice, and analysis of dispositions. It is vital to the success of students. The practice of continuous learning is essential for any improvement effort. Without learning, little change is possible. Every major education initiative, past, present, or future, depends on the capacity of educators to implement it fully and with fidelity. Professional learning is the only viable, efficient, and logical process for building the capacity of educators working in schools today.”
— Terms Carry Meaning, by Joellen Killion of Learning Forward