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Leslie Dixon
Executive Director of Elementary Operations
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101 N. Thornton Ave 
Dalton, GA 
(706) 876-4026

Federal Programs

As a department, we evaluate and implement federal programs that will result in a higher quality of education for all of our DPS students.

Through these initiatives and others, our department aims to:

  1. Disseminate resources, information, and internal professional practices district-wide to meet federal and state mandates and maintain fiscal compliance effectively.
  2. Foster communication and collaboration across the district to synchronize school programs and financial elements with ongoing improvement endeavors.
  3. Offer technical support and direction to schools and central office departments regarding program monitoring and adherence to Federal guidelines delineating various procedures.
  4. Enhance the capabilities of district and school leaders to uphold and execute Title I programs sustainably and efficiently, ensuring adherence to all programmatic and fiscal obligations.