Public PK-12 School District in Dalton, Georgia


Dalton Public Schools Wellness Committee

Chairperson: Wimberly Brackett, Director of School Nutrition
Co-Chair: Jeff McKinney, Athletic Director
Co-Chair: Brenda Renfroe, Benefits Specialist
Member: Ashley Broadrick, parent
Member: April Cook, RN, Brookwood School Nurse

This committee meets annually. Cafeteria managers and school nurses are the wellness leaders at each of our schools. Parent volunteers are invited to contribute to this committee. If you are interested in joining, please contact Wimberly Brackett. The most recent assessment of implementation of the wellness board was presented to the Dalton Board of Education in 2016. No updates or changes to the wellness board policy have been made since then. We are constantly looking for input to engage students and employees in efforts to improve mental and physical wellness, in addition to safety.

Track Meet

2017 Annual Wellness Assessment Update by Committee Members

December 2017


Drug Testing: Jeff McKinney updated the committee. Are counseling services provided/offered with a negative drug test?

Safety & Security

Hamilton Health Care – free mental health counseling services now available to students. How is this going? How do we find numbers on referrals?

Community Outreach: Blue Ridge Health Fair, DHS Walking Club, Elementary Track Meet, Bill Gregory 5K, summer community farmer’s market, 2018 events discussed and how to get community and employees involved.

Healthy Fundraisers – Fundraiser procedure presented to committee. Fundraiser approval and exemptions involve SNP Director and CFO.

Employee Biometric Analysis – Brenda Renfroe provided update on employee biometric analysis dates for spring of 2018.

Employee access to weight and cardio room – Jeff McKinney discussed DHS employees having access to weight/cardio room. It was also discussed how to make that accessible to other DPS employees outside DHS.