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Join Remind - Messaging system

                          Catamount Marching Band - REMIND Class Codes 


  • Remind is the primary means of communication for the directors and the Catamount Band Club. 

  • Once a class reaches a certain number of members, REMIND starts to have trouble.

  • Please only join the class that is applicable to you. For example, as a parent, do not join the parent class and the student class. The same messages will go to all classes. 

  • ALL Marching Band Members are REQUIRED to join the student REMIND

  • At least ONE parent is REQUIRED to join the parent REMIND.

  • All Seniors and at least one parent should join the Senior group as this is where we will communicate Senior specific information.  This may be the ONLY place this information is shared so it is important that you are a member.

  • You will not receive excessive messages, but we use REMIND to communicate schedule changes, notify parents of expected arrival times after games and competitions, and remind parents and students of upcoming events and deadlines.


To join the appropriate class, text the class code to 81010:


Group Name
Class Code
Who should Join
DHS Marching Band
All Marching Band students
Catamount Band Club
At least ONE Marching Band Parent
DHS Marching Seniors
All Seniors and at least one parent