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2024-25 School Year Improvements

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At Dalton Public Schools, our goal is to provide the best educational experience possible: 

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In our ongoing commitment to offer the best experiences for our students, we are pleased to introduce several improvements for our secondary schools in the 2024-25 academic year. 

What do the 2024-25 school year improvements look like?

Our commitment to delivering a world-class learning experience drives us to continuously explore ways to enhance every aspect of your child's education journey.

After thorough research, data analysis, and discussions with numerous community members, students, and teachers, we are introducing the following enhancements to further elevate your child's educational experience resulting in:

  • Refined school transportation to maximize your child’s learning time.
  • Increased school connectedness through more balanced school populations
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New for 2024-25: High School Transportation Zones

Due to challenges such as driver shortages, bus delays impacting student punctuality, and the financial strain of overlapping routes, we are introducing transportation zones for our high schools. This initiative seeks to address these logistical hurdles, provide efficient transportation and ensure that our students have access to two exceptional high schools that cater to a broad range of student interests.

Similar to transportation zones at the elementary school level, where students are assigned to schools within their respective zones, families with alternative transportation arrangements retain the flexibility to explore school options beyond their designated zone.

For more details relating to the new transportation zones, visit our FAQ section below.

View The Approved Transportation Map
The approved Transportation Zone Map will be displayed in the lobbies of all Dalton Public Schools buildings for parents' convenience starting February 16, 2024.


Out of Zone Applications

High school out-of-zone applications will be available starting Wednesday, March 20.

Please note that if you are zoned for the school you would like to attend, you do not need to submit application. 
The application deadline is April 11th; no submissions will be accepted beyond this date.

Kindly be aware that Dalton Public Schools retains the right to rescind out-of-zone status for any student violating the Dalton Public Schools Code of Conduct.

Please note, that if you are a student athlete and are switching high schools because you are not able to provide transportation to remain at your current high school, you will be automatically eligible at your new high school. The new high school will file your GHSA eligibility on your behalf.

If you would look like to attend a school outside your transportation zone and can arrange your own transportation, we recommend submitting your application within the designated timeframe. Please note that failing to complete the transfer process by the deadline will result in automatic assignment to the school within your designated transportation zone.

Additionally, it is important to note that students who attend Dalton Public Schools from outside of the district will not receive letters about their attendance zone. They will be contacted by the school their student attends to make a decision regarding their preferred school.

Regardless of where you choose for your student to attend, please note that both Dalton High School and The Dalton Academy will adhere to the newly approved school times, operating from 7:30 AM to 2:15 PM starting in August of 2024.

High School transportation zone application


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