5th Grade Report Card Updates

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Beginning with the Term 3 Report Card, students in fifth grade will receive both a standards-based and a numerical grade in Reading, Language Arts, and Math. For standards-based grading, an academic performance level of “4” will be added.

Rationale for Dual Reporting
The purpose of standards-based grading is to report students’ current progress toward mastery of course or grade-level standards. We still believe this is the best way to report student progress at the elementary level. However, we want to prepare fifth grade students and parents for the reporting of progress using numerical grades in grades 6-8 leading to numerical grades with a grade point average in grades 9-12.

The performance level of “4” will be used on the standards-based report card, rubrics, and related documents.

Academic Performance of Grade Level Standards

4Exceeds Expectations
3Consistently and independently achieves the expectation toward standard
2Progressing toward achievement
1Minimal Progress toward achievement of the standard
Not assessed at this time

A new page will be added to the report card with numerical grades for Reading, Language Arts, and Math.

How can we assign numerical grades with a standards-based mindset?


A successful grading framework should establish clear categories and learning targets that properly assess and track student knowledge. Experts at the Southern Regional Education Board recommend that teachers keep the following questions in mind when preparing evaluation criteria:

  • What do all of my students need to know?
  • What should all of my students be able to do to demonstrate what they know?
  • Which outcomes are not being assessed adequately?


Please contact your child's teacher with questions, or call 706-876-4042.