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Dalton Public Schools - Pathways

An Introduction to Work Based Learning and Pathways

Work Based Learning is the bridge between secondary education and students' futures. Pathways provide a vital structure for organizing and delivering quality programs through learning and comprehensive programs of study. These pathways help students navigate their way to greater success in college and career.

Used as an organizing tool for curriculum design and instruction, pathways provide the essential knowledge and skills. It also functions as a useful guide in developing programs of study bridging secondary and post-secondary curriculum and for creating individual student plans of study for a complete range of career options. As such, it helps students discover their interests and their passions, and empowers them to choose the educational pathway that can lead to success in high school, college and career.

It is important to understand that Pathways are for ALL students of ALL capabilities. Some students have earned a college education in a particular field to find themselves realizing that they did not know the demands of a particular career. These pathways help bridge the ideal career to reality.

The Dalton Academy  and Dalton High School are the two secondary schools in the district.  Each school specializes in different pathways.

The Dalton Academy offers the following CTAE pathways:


Law Enforcement services

Audio Video Technology and Film

Early Childhood Education

Sports & Entertainment Marketing

Sports Medicine

Teaching as a Profession


Dalton High offers the following CTAE pathways:


Culinary Arts

Engineering and Technology

Engineering Drafting and Design

Gaming and Computer Science

Graphic Design



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