Public PK-12 School District in Dalton, Georgia

Interested in Work-Based Learning?

Before applying to WBL, read the directions below and check out the WBL FAQs.


Step 1: Know the basics:

  • Must be at least 16, a Junior or Senior, and provide your own transportation.
  • Must have taken or are currently enrolled in at least one CTAE course.
  • Must maintain good attendance and behavior.
  • Maintain a 75 in all classes. If not, you may be removed from the program.
  • Must Volunteer one day at the JA Discovery Center of Greater Dalton. Keeping with the transportation requirement for your job, you will be required to provide your transportation for the day you choose for this volunteer experience. (This is part of your Final Exam) Click here for JA volunteer information.

Step 2: Apply to the Program.

Step 3: Interview with the WBL Coordinator

  • One of the coordinators will contact you using the information you provided on your application to discuss your options. It is crucial to provide correct contact information in the application form.
  • If accepted, your coordinator will contact your counselor to add WBL to your class schedule.

Step 4: Secure a Job or Internship

After you have been accepted into the program...

  • If you currently have a job it could qualify as your WBL employment. Check with Dr. Shults or Dr. Tripp for details.
  • If you need a career related internship, your coordinator may be able to assist you in obtaining this close to the beginning of school. Paid positions are not guaranteed.
  • You are allowed to have both a paid job and internship. Speak with your coordinator for more information.
  • Having your own job or placement is not required prior to the beginning of school but must be secured within the first few days of school's beginning.


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