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Spanish & German Dual Language Immersion Classrooms in Dalton, Georgia! 

Five elementary schools in Dalton offer dual language immersion classrooms for students. In these classrooms, students spend half of their day learning in English and the other half learning in another language. Student learn their regular academic content in both English and their target language, either Spanish or German.

Students who enroll in a dual-language immersion program in Dalton Public Schools will be provided the foundations for bilingualism and biliteracy. Students are equipped with the necessary skills to achieve the highest level of academic, social and language success. 

Student holding shoe from celebrating German holiday

A German dual-language immersion student celebrates Nikolaustag, a holiday celebrated in German each year on December 5. 

German Immersion

Brookwood School
Kindergarten - Fifth Grade

Hammond Creek Middle School

Sixth & Seventh Grade

Spanish Immersion

Westwood School
Pre-K - Fourth Grade

City Park
Pre-K - First Grade

How Do I Enroll in a Dual Language Immersion Program?

If you are interested in enrolling your pre-k student in a dual language immersion program, please contact our enrollment center for more information at 706-876-4000, then select option 2 for enrollment.

While it is preferable for students to join the dual language immersion program in pre-kindergarten, students are able to join in the later grades. If as student is native in the second language, they can join the program at any time. If they are not fluent in the second language, they can join in the second grade at the latest.



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Benefits of Dual Language Immersion

  • Raises self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Increases cognitive stimulation
  • Increases problem-solving and creativity
  • Lowers disciplinary referrals
  • Raises levels of engagement
  • Increases appreciation for diversity and other cultures
  • Produces students who are bilingual and biliterate
  • Opens the door to career opportunities with foreign companies
  • Prepares students to compete in a global economy 
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What to Expect from Dual Language Classrooms

  • Students will spend 50 percent of their day learning in the target language of either Spanish or German
  • Half-day math and science instruction completely in German or Spanish, half-day literacy instruction in English
  • No repeated math and science instruction in English provided at school
  • A child who is able to navigate a complex daily schedule with multiple transitions 
  • An academically advanced educational experience in an environment that prepares students to interact and build relationships with students of differing backgrounds
  • A need for increased sensitivity to the mental challenges my child exerts each day
  • A child who interacts with multiple teachers daily
  • A child who is very tired at the end of the day


Frequently Asked Questions

Will my child's English abilities be hindered at all if they're enrolled in a dual-language classroom?

Not at all! In fact, studies have shown that students in dual-language classrooms outperform their peers in a variety of subjects including math, reading and writing.

I want my child to be in a dual-language immersion program through all of elementary school, but their school only offers it through first or second grade. Will the programs continue to expand?

Currently, City Park School and Westwood School all have plans to continue to expand their programs by one grade level each year.

Do parents need to speak Spanish or German in order to enroll a child in a dual-language immersion program?

No! You do not need to be bilingual in order to enroll your child in a dual-language immersion program.

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