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UPDATE: December 16, 2021

Dear DPS Parent/Guardian:

This week we have investigated two social media threats reported at Dalton Junior High School. I sent you a letter earlier after the investigation concluded on the first threat and show that it was unsubstantiated. I am writing to update you on the second threat that was shared on Snapchat. We take these types of threats very seriously, and investigate each one with the help of local law enforcement. 

The Dalton Police Department and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) investigated and determined that the second threat originated in Akron, Ohio, and was subsequently shared across the country, including in our district. 

Please continue to speak with your student(s) about the importance of what they share on social media. Remind them that if they see any concerning threats on social media, not to share the post, but to immediately report it to school authorities and/or local law enforcement. 

As a reminder, anyone can submit anonymous tips to our school through the TipLine on our district’s mobile app. Additional resources on social media safety are available on this web page.

Thank you for your support, and I hope you all have a safe and restful break! 

Dr. Tim Scott




December 14, 2021 

Dear DPS Parent/Guardian: 

As you may be aware, a social media post was circulated over the weekend alleging that a Dalton Junior High School student had made a threat to bring a gun to school and hurt others. The DJHS administration immediately began investigating the situation and involved the Dalton Police Department to address the situation. The investigation determined that the threat was not credible.

Yesterday, we were alerted to another threat on social media about a possible school shooting. Again, our administration immediately contacted the Dalton Police Department, which in turned has involved the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to determine the credibility of these posts. At this time, the police are not sure that this threat originated in Dalton or if it’s just been shared through social media in our community. 

As a precaution, all of our secondary schools—Hammond Creek Middle, Dalton Junior High, The Dalton Academy and Dalton High—will have an increased presence from law enforcement on the campuses through the rest of the week. Our schools are also tightening up security within the buildings to ensure that staff is on high alert to monitor hallways and student movement throughout the building. 

Nothing is more important in our school district than the safety and security of our staff and students. Our district takes all threats seriously. Police are notified, and officers and school administration work together to thoroughly investigate any threat, whether it is made verbally, in writing, email, text message, or online. Our district is committed to pressing criminal charges against anyone making threats against students, staff or our schools. 

I encourage parents to take time to talk to their child about the importance of what they say and do on social media. Also, please encourage your child to report to a school administrator any situations they become aware of at school, on the bus or on social media that threatens the safety of their school. If they see a threat on social media that causes concern, please ask them to report it to a school administrator and not share the post. 

Anyone may also make a report of threats or suspicious activity through the TipLine available in each school’s mobile app or the Dalton Public School’s mobile app. 

Thank you for your continued support of your child’s school and our district. 

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Dr. Tim Scott 

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