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Alex Guzman Named 2023 Dalton Classified Staff of the Year
Alex Guzman winning award

Alex Guzman, a focus room paraprofessional at Park Creek School, was recently named the recipient of the 2023 Dalton Classified Staff of the Year award. 

Guzman's dedication, enthusiasm, and unwavering commitment to the educational community have left a mark on students, staff, and parents alike.

Since joining Park Creek School in 2021, Guzman has shown a passion for educating elementary students, creating a positive and supportive learning environment. As a focus room paraprofessional, Guzman's influence reaches beyond the classroom, as he strives to make a difference in the lives of every student he encounters.

"For students to reach a positive outcome, they must be heard," Guzman said. "For a student to succeed, they must be understood. For a student to be understood, one must be patient."

Guzman's outgoing personality and friendly smile have brightened Park Creek School, inspiring others to approach each day with a sense of joy and optimism. Colleagues and students consistently remark on his positive attitude, which fosters an atmosphere of inclusivity and encouragement within the school community.

"I enjoy coming into work and seeing how my attitude really makes my colleagues find the strength to keep pushing their best selves to do the work we love," Guzman said. "I notice the difference in my students along with other students in the school building when their faces light up seeing me or when I remember their names in the hallways on the way to class. I know when everyone sees me, they know they have a trusted colleague/teacher."

Apart from his exceptional work in the focus room, Guzman's favorite school activities revolve around celebrations, notably the fall festival and the Christmas festival. 

His enthusiasm for these events not only enriches the school's spirit but also reflects his genuine love for creating memorable experiences for students.

"It always reminds me that no matter what goes on in our cheetah family, we all come together for the sake of our students' families and make the impossible possible," Guzman said.

Alex Guzman winning award

Guzman was honored for his outstanding efforts at the 2023 Dalton Public Schools Convocation service. Guzman's exceptional contributions earned him $500 and a new-rug, courtesy of Shaw Industries. 

The financial awards were made possible through donations from partnering businesses: North Georgia National Bank, Georgia United Credit Union, Jefferson’s, Dalton Utilities, Carnes and Company, Shaw Industries, McCamy Law Firm, and Coldwell Banker Kinard Realty. 

We also would like to thank First Student for their gift in-kind of transportation to the event for staff and Ford of Dalton for the free one-year car lease for the Teacher of the Year.  

Other school level Classified Staff of the Year honorees included Amparo Cruz, Blue Ridge School; Marisela Fernandez, Brookwood School; Courtney Smith, City Park School; Faviola Barrientos, Roan School; Kim Crane, Westwood School; Hilda Mills, Hammond Creek Middle School; Julissa O'Hearon, Dalton Junior High School; Debbie Kincaid, The Dalton Academy; and Oscar Portillo, Dalton High School.