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Angelica Brown: Park Creek School Teacher of the Year
Angelica Brown

Angelica Brown, Teacher of the Year at Park Creek School, finds inspiration in making a difference for her students daily. Witnessing the "aha" moment when a challenging concept clicks and a child's eyes light up is what keeps her going.

Beyond the classroom, Angelica delights in unexpected encounters with former students at various community events. Learning about their lives, achievements, and aspirations brings a special joy to her heart.

Being Teacher of the Year at Park Creek is an honor for Angelica, and her favorite part is representing the school in the community. Park Creek, she emphasizes, is more than a school – it's a family where everyone thrives together, and "Cheetahs ROAR!"

Angelica extends her gratitude to her family for their support, spending countless evenings and Saturdays at the school to help with various tasks. Mentor teachers Jacqueline Hudson and Debbie Barkley have also been crucial in guiding her through classroom challenges.

In Angelica's eyes, being part of the Park Creek family is a blessing and a calling. She sees her role not just as a job but as a divine connection that has enriched her life. "God has truly blessed me by making me a part of it," she says with humility and gratitude.

In summary, Angelica Brown embodies dedication, inspiration, and a sense of community at Park Creek School, making a lasting impact beyond the classroom.