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Dalton Education Foundation Awards 38 Grants for Instruction

The Dalton Education Foundation (DEF) awarded Grants for Instruction to teachers at all ten schools within the district once again this year. DEF Trustees recently announced a total of 38 grants will be funded, totaling $56,797.71.

Dalton Public Schools' teachers receive grants to support innovative instructional projects that go beyond the school district's general fund budget. This year, the grants will be utilized to acquire physical education equipment, procuring equipment for music programs, books, and equipment for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) classes, alongside various other initiatives.

Grant winners this year include: 

Blue Ridge School

  • Sarah Anderson (Quilting Our History)
  • Cynthia Martinez (Weather Together)
  • Elizabeth Parks (The Mighty Ukulele)

Brookwood School

  • Jennifer Shupe, Ava Wyatt, Emily Nelson, Courtney Hester, and Ashley Stafford (Suckers for Succulents)
  • Jennifer Barmore (The Future of STEM is Now)
  • Jennifer Barmore (Mobile Podcast Lab)
  • Kimberly Winkler (Game Time for Academic/Social Skills)
  • Renee Mahan (Encaustics of the Invasive Species)
  • Kara Bryant (The Butterfly Project)
  • Shea MacFadden (Let’s Get Dehydrated)
  • Lisa Cabero (Good Vibes)

City Park School

  • Allison Chlebisch (There’s a World Outside of Dalton)
  • Cora Fetzer (Pawtastic Gymnastics at City Park)

Park Creek School

  • Wendy Norfleet (Strumming Along)
  • Carl Wilms and Will Esters (Gardening with STEM)
  • Kay Dean (Life in Pieces)

Roan School

  • Zach Miller (Panning for Gold)
  • Zach Miller (Creek Life)
  • Clay Fissel (Musical Movement)

Westwood School

  • Molly Chitwood (Let It Grow)
  • Stacy Gante (Ready, Set, Roll — Full Throttle)
  • Martha Thomason (Steamed!)

Hammond Creek Middle School

  • Keri Kirby (Lego Learning Zone)
  • Courtenay Cholovich (Collaborative Learning)
  • Jamie Gonzalez (Alfombras)
  • Jamie Gonzalez (Designing Culture)
  • Sara Webb and Taylor Mullis (Jumpstart-ing the HCMS Band)
  • Shell Croft and Rocio Carrizales (Stream Team)
  • Sara Webb and Taylor Mullis (Hangin’ with the HCMS Band)

Dalton Junior High School

  • Jamie Gonzalez (Alfombras)
  • Julie Triplett (Soil Production Lab)
  • Megan Rebman (Carpe Libros: Seize the Books)
  • Beth Mashburn (Makerspace Supplies)

Dalton High School

  • Cara Crain (Legos for Science Exploration)
  • Janna Pye (Ultimate Marching Cats)
  • Mat Sane (Wax Foundations)
  • Rachel Cobb (Future Focused DHS Student Grant

The Dalton Academy

  • Jamie Gonzalez (Alfombras)
  • Amanda Triplett (Find and Listen)
  • Dolores Carillo (Adulting 101 for Seniors)

The Dalton Education Foundation was established in 1987 to promote educational excellence in the Dalton Public Schools through education, recognition and enrichment.

The foundation provides “over and above” resources, both human and financial, to enable our educators to dream about how to build a truly superb school district and then, with foundation assistance, to follow that dream.
The DEF is a non-profit organization that focuses on developing, supporting, and promoting excellence in Dalton Public Schools.

You can support the Dalton Education Foundation to help make grants like this possible for future teachers! For more information on how you can support their efforts, click on the link below.

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