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Dalton Public Schools Celebrates Black History Month: Spotlight on Marlene Webster, Alumna and Dedicated Educator

As Dalton Public Schools celebrates Black History Month, we shine a spotlight on Marlene Webster, a dedicated educator at Blue Ridge School and a 1972 Dalton High School alumna.

Marlene Webster

Webster's educational journey, spans from Emery Street School, Fort Hill Junior High, Dalton High School, Albany State University, and the University of West Georgia (class of 1982) to Lesley University (class of 2012), reflecting her commitment to learning.

Reflecting on the Civil Rights Movement, Webster states, “I grew up during the Civil Rights Movement, so it shaped my understanding of why the movement was important and needed in the USA.” As an Early Intervention Program and English Learner teacher, she actively contributes to the Multicultural Committee at Blue Ridge School.

Webster shares her perspective on Black History Month: “Black History Month is a time when all people celebrate the many accomplishments that black Americans have helped to shape and build our country.” She personally embraces her culture through family achievements, supporting black businesses, revisiting historic sites, and reading books about her heritage.

Recalling the challenges of her early education, she notes, “I began my educational journey by attending a segregated, all black school in the late fifties and early sixties.” Highlighting the disparities, she emphasizes the need for equal opportunities for all. Facing financial hurdles for college, Webster encourages students: “There are a variety of programs to help with college tuition.”

Marlene Webster's journey exemplifies resilience and dedication, contributing to the rich tapestry of Dalton Public Schools and embodying the spirit of Black History Month.