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Dalton Public Schools Celebrates Student Achievements in Odyssey of the Mind Competition

Dalton Public Schools is proud to spotlight the exceptional accomplishments of 12 fifth-grade students who showcased their ingenuity and creativity as part of the C3 Odyssey of the Mind Team. These talented students recently participated in the North Georgia Regionals Competition for Odyssey of the Mind in Flowery Branch, GA, leaving an indelible mark with their inspiring achievements. 

C3 Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind stands as a distinguished creative problem-solving initiative tailored for students ranging from kindergarten to college. Through collaborative team efforts, students engage in solving intricate challenges using imaginative and innovative approaches. Emulating the fervor of interscholastic sports, Odyssey of the Mind tournaments blend the excitement of athletic competitions with intellectually stimulating mental tasks, thereby nurturing teamwork, creativity, and critical thinking abilities. 

We proudly recognize the outstanding accomplishments of the following students at the regional competition: 

· Claudia Weaver 

· Vien Colina 

· Daniela Martinez 

· Lyla Link 

· Ariana Guzman 

· Valerie Fraire 

· Michelle Uribe 

Additionally, we celebrate the achievements of the following students, who not only competed at the regional level but earned the opportunity to compete at the state competition: 

· Kami Harrison 

· Maddy Nava 

· Julia Aguirre 

· Callie Ward 

· Mary Lee King 

We applaud the remarkable achievements of every student and offer our sincere congratulations to each participant. We wish them ongoing success and eagerly anticipate seeing their creativity and teamwork flourish as they progress through their educational endeavors.