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Dalton Public Schools Celebrates Students Selected for Georgia Governor’s Honors Program

Dalton Public Schools proudly announces the selection of three outstanding Dalton High School students for the Georgia Governor’s Honors Program (GHP). Juniors Emery Edgeman in dance, Scarlett O’Shaughnessey in computer science, and Hayden Poe in music-voice have been chosen as finalists for this esteemed summer program.

GHP Students

The Georgia Governor’s Honors Program provides a unique opportunity for high school sophomores and juniors to enhance their skills and knowledge in a specialized educational setting. Each year, only a select number of students from across the state are chosen to participate in this experience.

Emery, Scarlett, and Hayden underwent a rigorous selection process, including nomination by their teachers, application submissions, and in-person interviews. Their selection as GHP finalists is a testament to their talent and dedication.

During the program, students will attend classes at Georgia Southern University, immersing themselves in their chosen fields of study while participating in various social and instructional activities.

Dalton Public Schools extends its warmest congratulations to Emery, Scarlett, and Hayden, and wishes them a rewarding experience at the Georgia Governor’s Honors Program.