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Dalton Public Schools Classified Staff Member of the Year 22-23: Alex Garcia

Alex Garcia, a dedicated focus room paraprofessional at Park Creek School, has been honored to serve as the 2023 Dalton Public Schools Classified Staff of the Year. Garcia's commitment, enthusiasm, and unwavering dedication to the educational community have made a significant impact on students, staff, and parents alike.

Alex Garcia

Joining Park Creek School in 2021, Garcia quickly demonstrated his passion for educating elementary students and creating a positive and supportive learning environment. His influence extends beyond the classroom, as he strives to make a difference in the lives of every student he encounters.

Reflecting on his inspiration to work in education, Garcia shared, "My former teachers were role models to look up to. The advice and love they all gave inspired me to do the same with my work now." He values the recognition he has received, stating, "My favorite part of being classified staff of the year is that I know my school recognizes that I am someone to confide in. If there's ever an issue, I always try to find some way to fix it if it's manageable."

Garcia expressed his gratitude to those who have supported him along the way. "I want to thank Debbie Wolf for the patience she showed me in elementary school and for being the first to inspire me to teach. I also want to thank my mother and grandmother for the constant nagging and pressure they placed on me. If I had not endured my trials, I wouldn't be the man I've become today. And I want to thank Kim Rhyne and Will Esters for taking that chance on me and allowing me to prove my worth to the school and myself."

Growing up attending Park Creek Elementary, Garcia feels a profound sense of pride in representing his original school and the district as a whole. His journey from student to award-winning staff member is a testament to his dedication and passion for education.