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Dalton Public Schools Embraces Disc Golf with Prodigy Disc and Cyra’s Simple Goodness Sponsorship

Dalton Public Schools is excited to announce the recent addition of disc golf courses to each of its schools, thanks to a collaborative effort with Prodigy Disc and Cyra's Simple Goodness. The initiative, aimed at promoting physical fitness and positive mental health among students and staff, has been met with enthusiasm from the community.

Disc Golf Collage

Prodigy Disc, a leading disc golf manufacturer based in Dalton, played a pivotal role in the realization of this project by sponsoring a significant portion of the cost. Prodigy Disc is known for its innovative equipment, enabling players to maximize their potential in the rapidly growing sport of disc golf. The company, with a global presence and thousands of retailers worldwide, has demonstrated a commitment to fostering the growth of disc golf at the local level.

Cyra's Simple Goodness, a community-oriented restaurant, has generously purchased 50 discs for every school, contributing to the accessibility of the sport for Dalton's students.

“The more I think young people are engaged in activities like sports or competitions, the more likely they are to not get in trouble, to perform better academically, and to find the stepping stones of success for school and life in general.” TJ Kaikobad, owner of Cyra’s, said.

This contribution ensures that the barrier to entry for disc golf is minimal, aligning with Cyras’ goal of leaving a positive footprint in their community.

“Over the years, I’ve been blessed with having workers who are a product of the Dalton school system,” Kaikobad said. “These people are the youth of our community. What a blessing it is to have their great attitudes. When we’ve been blessed that way, sometimes I feel we cannot do enough to repay that blessing.”

The coordination of purchasing and donation of the equipment was spearheaded by Will Schusterick, an American professional disc golfer with an impressive record of three United States Disc Golf Championship victories. Schusterick, currently sponsored by and a part-owner of Prodigy Disc, not only excels on the competitive stage but also dedicates his time to visiting schools and clubs globally to share tips and tricks with students.

“We're definitely a worldwide company, with a pretty big focus on helping grow the sport locally,” Schusterick stated. “Disc golf made me who I am. It gave me this outlet where I could be outside, active, and competitive. The barrier to enter disc golf is almost nothing. That is what is important.”

Schusterick emphasized that the investment required to start playing disc golf is minimal, especially now that each school is equipped with baskets and discs. The only investment needed is time, which, as Schusterick highlighted, offers great returns in terms of physical and mental well-being.

Overall, the addition of disc golf courses to Dalton Public Schools reflects a holistic approach to student well-being. The initiative not only provides students with a new and accessible recreational activity but also aligns with the broader goals of promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.