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Dalton Public Schools Unveils Dalton Reads! Literacy Campaign Curriculum Proposal

As the Superintendent of Dalton Public Schools, I'm thrilled to share some exciting updates on our new literacy campaign, Dalton Reads!. With the recent appointment of a District Level Director of Literacy and the addition of second District Level Literacy Specialist, our commitment to advancing literacy education has never been stronger. Dalton Public Schools will also be adding School-Level Literacy Interventionists to our literacy team, further enhancing our efforts to support students' literacy development.

The district literacy team will lead comprehensive training initiatives aimed at equipping all Dalton Public Schools teachers and staff with the latest and most effective strategies in Dyslexia and the Science of Reading. Additionally, educators will receive specialized LETRS Training to enhance their ability to foster literacy skills in students. This commitment to professional development ensures that our staff are equipped to facilitate personal student growth, laying a strong foundation for their future success both academically and in their lives beyond the classroom.


At our recent board of education work session, Brandi Moore, the Executive Director of Teaching and Learning, introduced the Savvas myView curriculum as a proposal. This selection was meticulously made using the Core Curriculum Evaluation Tool crafted by our District Literacy Specialists, incorporating educational research and resources to ensure alignment with state standards and the needs of our diverse student population.

To thoroughly vet potential literacy materials, we formed several committees, including the Literacy Task Force, the Core Curriculum Team, the Parent/Community Team, and the School-Level Team. Each committee played a crucial role in evaluating different aspects of the curriculum, from inclusivity to instructional approaches, to ensure equitable quality instruction for all students.

Savvas myView emerged as the frontrunner from eight presented options, thanks to the diligent work of these committees. In an upcoming board meeting, we'll present the final vendor presentation, seeking the school board's approval for core curriculum adoption.

I'm immensely proud of the collaborative effort and dedication demonstrated by everyone involved in this process. Together, we're laying the foundation for enhanced literacy education that will empower our students for years to come.