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Dalton Public Schools Welcomes Back NFL Veteran Jim Arnold for Special Gift Presentation

Former Dalton High School football standout and NFL veteran, Jim Arnold, returned to his alma mater on Wednesday, January 31st, to present a special gift to the Dalton High School athletic department. The ceremony, held at Dalton High School, brought together alumni, local business leaders, and former coaches to celebrate the legacy of this esteemed Catamount.

Jim Arnold Presentation

Jim Arnold's athletic journey began on the football fields of Dalton High School, where his exceptional skills as a punter caught the attention of scouts. His dedication and talent paved the way for a scholarship to Vanderbilt University, propelling him into the professional football realm. Drafted in 1983, Arnold initially joined the Kansas City Chiefs before gaining recognition as a Detroit Lion, where he ultimately retired from the NFL in 1994.

Residing in Franklin, Tennessee, near his college playing grounds in Nashville, Arnold recently seized the opportunity to reconnect with another local standout, Jahmyr Gibbs. Gibbs, a Dalton High School alum, was drafted by the Detroit Lions in last April's NFL Draft. The two Catamount alumni had the chance to meet and capture the moment during the Lions' game on October 31.

During his visit to Dalton High School, Arnold presented a special gift to the school's athletic department, commemorating his meeting with Gibbs. The community was invited to join for a meet & greet with Jim Arnold, providing a unique opportunity for fans to interact with the football legend and witness the presentation to the DHS football team.

Arnold shared empowering words, saying, “To believe in the heroic makes heroes, not that I'm a hero, but what I'm saying is… the vision of what you want to do and where you want to go, to not lose it and to work toward it.”
Dalton High School Athletic Director Ryan Richards said the event highlighted the rich history and continued excellence within Dalton High School's football program.

Jim Arnold Presentation Photo

“Yesterday was a great connection of two different time periods of Dalton High Football,” Richards said. “Both of those time periods were full of great success and great people. A heartfelt appreciation goes out to Jim Arnold for his exceptional gift.”

Superintendent Dr. Tim Scott expressed his gratitude, stating, “Dalton Public Schools is honored to receive this gift from Jim Arnold. It's a testament to the outstanding accomplishments of our alumni, and we couldn't be prouder of Jim's journey from Dalton High School to the NFL. The bond between our alumni, like Jim and Jahmyr Gibbs, exemplifies the strength of our community and the enduring legacy of Dalton High School.”

The event was marked by the presence of Gibbs’ parents, Grandmother, several Dalton High Alumni, local business leaders, and former coaches, making it a special reunion that underscored the strong sense of community within Dalton Public Schools.