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DJHS Student Overcomes Obstacles to Succeed
Libby Pressley head shot

Libby Pressley likes to stay busy. Between her school work, basketball, lacrosse, church, family and running her own business, she doesn’t have a lot of free time. In addition to her many obligations, Libby has overcome significant health obstacles in the past few years.

When she was in fifth grade, Libby attended a basketball tournament with her travel team and began experiencing a lot of pain in her hip. Within six months, she would have two surgeries on both of her hips. 

“I was in a wheelchair for a while until I was released in seventh grade,” Libby said. “That’s when I could run and play sports again.” 

While recovering from surgery, Libby had to complete her school work online through the district’s hospital/homebound program. Before the pandemic lead to an increase in virtual learning, she was one of very few students taking classes online. 

“It was a little bit hard to stay on track,” she said. “But, a lot of people tell me I am very organized, so I think that helped.” 

Libby didn’t let the recovery or time away from sports and school become a huge setback, and instead worked hard to return to her athletic teams in the eighth grade. After being released from her wheelchair, she began to train.

“I did a lot of working up to be able to play in eighth grade,” she said. “I played basketball last year, and then I played lacrosse for the high school.” 

One of Libby’s teachers, Ashley Kinser, said she doesn’t know another 15-year-old student quite like Libby.

“Libby has to be the bravest, strongest, coolest, and kindest 15-year-old I know,” Kinser said. “She has been presented with several obstacles throughout her secondary school career, but she never lets an obstacle knock her down. I have never heard her complain about her circumstances or let it stop her from living life to the fullest.” 

According to Kinser, Libby’s attitude continued to stay positive despite obstacles or sitting on the slideline. 

“She has sat on the sidelines cheering on her friends when we all know she would love to be out helping aid the team to victory,” Kinser said. “She always shows up and always has on a bright smile.”

Her success in sports, school, and life wasn’t enough. Last year, Libby started her own business, Libby’s Creations. 

“It started last August when I started making and selling masks,” Libby said. “After I sold a pack of 200 masks to someone, I decided I wanted to change it up. That lead me to putting logos on t-shirts.” 

Libby’s Creations sells shirts, stickers, sweatshirts, decals, masks and keychains, all with custom logos and designs. 

“It’s hard to maintain sports, the business and school,” Libby said. “But, it’s been a pretty good business.” 

According to Kinser, Libby does a great job of balancing the various aspects of her life.

“She has created a successful business and still maintains outstanding grades,” Kinser said. “know she will face additional obstacles in her life because obstacles are a part of life. But one thing I know for sure, Libby will always shine bright and persevere!” 
You can find Libby’s business on Facebook (Libby’s Creations) or Instagram (@libbys_creationss). 

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