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DPS Alum Cedric Haynes Shining Bright as a Chattanooga Meteorologist
Cedric doing weather forecast at City Park

Dalton High School alum Cedric Haynes predicted his career in weather forecasting at an early age. From his role in hosting the recess forecast, to his current job as a meteorologist for WRCB Channel 3, Haynes’ credits much of his success to the drive given to him by Dalton Public Schools educators.

“It was an amazing experience growing up here, having the teachers and so many schools invest into me,” Haynes said. “I’ve had a lot of support and push from so many teachers.”

Haynes said his teachers at City Park School helped him develop his love of weather forecasting. Most afternoons, Haynes could be found looking at weather technology in the library and telling his classmates whether recess was going to be sunny or rainy.

“I had a big interest and love for weather, and they found different ways to help me get a taste of that,” Haynes said. “They let me do the weather on the afternoon announcements, let me go to the library to look at computer models of weather stuff and connected me with local meteorologists in this community where I had the first chance to see a live weather presentation.”

Haynes recently visited City Park to do a live weather forecast and teach the students about the weather cycle. His presentation blew them away, and Haynes said he was grateful for the opportunity to return and give back his time and resources to a school that meant so much to him.

“I’m a product of people coming back and pouring their resources and experiences into me,” Haynes said. “That made all of the difference in the world.”

Haynes attended the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, where he earned an Electronic Media degree. Additionally, he studied meteorology through Mississippi State University where he earned his broadcast meteorology certification.

Haynes encourages all students to seek the advice and guidance of their teachers who are actively working to help them reach their goals.

“Trust and lean into your teachers because they are going to help you focus on what interests you,” Haynes said. “They are going to help you be successful. That’s their whole goal. They are going to help you in any way they can, and they are going to push you in the right direction.”

Haynes believes his time in DPS was fundamental to his current success. 

“You are pretty blessed to be a part of Dalton Public Schools where you are going to have people who are ready to go the extra mile to make sure you can achieve your dream,” Haynes said.