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DPS Students Win Big at Podcast Competition

Congratulations to the DPS students and schools who received awards at this year's Speak Up Whitfield competition! 

Speak Up Whitfield Winners – DPS 2023 

Elementary Winners 


1st Place: “What About Plants” by Yahir Garcia 

4th Place: “Thoughts About The Diet of Dinosaurs” by Lane Cantrell 

7th Place: “Diversity” by Claudia Weaver 

8th Place: “How Sports Impact On Your Life” by Amelia Porter 

9th Place: “WNBA vs NBA Salaries” by Ava Jackson 



6th Place: “Deforestation” by Chelsea Landa 

10th Place: “Traditions” by Tomas Espitia, Daniel Nolasco Gaspar 


Middle School Winners 

Hammond Creek 

2nd Place: “Socks with Sandals? Yay or Nay” by Lillian Bowers & Hayden Hall 

8th Place: “Privacy from Parents” by: Leah Amos & Khloe Mead 


Dalton Junior High 

1st Place: “Vivir A La Altura” by Isabel Perez, Alondra Manzano 

3rd Place: “Cha-Ching” by Lilyana Freeman Alfaro 

4th Place: “Boys Don’t Cry” by Valeria Gregorio-Jimenez, Jason Hennon, Natalia Villalobos 

6th Place: “Whitewashed” by Andrea Hernandez, Lizzie Reese 

Honorable Mention: “Hear Me Out” by Presley Roberts 


High School Winners 

1st Place: “Changing Shells” by Navah Jordan (TDA) 

3rd Place: “Hidden” by Gaby Ruelas (DJHS/TDA) 

4th Place: “If Only You Stayed” by Emily Torres (TDA) 

5th Place: “Student Workers” by Stephanie Gutierrez, Michelle Mercedes, Carlos Arevalo Vasquez (TDA) 

6th Place: “See You Next Week” by Ariana Caxaj, Zack Arrieta (TDA) 

7th Place: “Relationships” by Melinda Castro, Anthony Fuentes (TDA) 

8th Place:  “Being Black in America” by Jayonna Thomas, Salome Losada (DJHS/TDA) 

9th Place: “Plus Size in a Skinny World” by Jailyn Ochoa, Gabrial Cochran (TDA) 

10th Place: “Friendship” by Hannah Allgor, Sabrina Fiek (TDA) 



“Best Current Topic” – Thea Maret, Georgia Claire Sanders, Marley Mae Barmore (DJHS) – for podcast “Our Flag” 

“Creative Use of Script” – Andrea Najera, Joy Lin (DJHS) for podcast “Loss” 

“The Advocate” – Kaylen Chitwood (DJHS) for podcast “Atypical” 


La Gran Voz – Overall Top Award 

“Empty Cup” – by Soraya McEuen (DJHS/TDA) 


Overall School Award 

1st Place: The Dalton Academy 

2nd Place: Dalton Junior High School 

4th Place: Hammond Creek Middle School