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Fall Recap: Highlights of Athletic and Extra-Curricular Achievements at Dalton Public Schools from Dr. Steven Craft
Fall Athletics

It was an incredibly exciting and successful fall season for Dalton Public Schools. Dalton High School, The Dalton Academy, Dalton Junior High, and Hammond Creek had a fantastic fall. Thank you to all our amazing coaches, athletic directors, administrators, parents, community members and especially our student athletes for all your hard work and dedication. I have always believed that the Fall sets the tone for the entire school year. I am so excited to see what our winter and spring sports accomplish this year. 

Dalton High School 

1. Volleyball – Region Champs, Final 4 in the state playoffs 

2. Cross Country – Girl’s region champs, Boy’s region runner ups, both qualified for the state meet 

3. Competition Cheerleading – 2nd place in region, state qualifier 

4. Football – Sweet 16 in the state playoffs 

5. Softball – qualified for the state playoffs 

6. Marching Band – 1st place at the Trojan Invitational, 1st place in guard, 1st place in percussion 

The Dalton Academy 

1. Volleyball – won multiple matches for the first time in school history (5 matches), participation rates are continuing to increase 

2. Cross country – Participation rates are continuing to grow in this new program 

Dalton Junior High (8th Grade) 

1. Football – region champs, 2nd in the State Playoffs 

2. Volleyball – League Champions 

3. Cross Country – Boys and Girls finished 3rd in the league championship 

4. Golf - Boys and Girls finished 2nd in the league, Low Medalist for the Girls 

5. Softball – 7th place in the league 

6. Academic Bowl – League Champions 

Hammond Creek 

1. 6th Grade Football – Co Region Champs, STATE CHAMPIONS 

2. 7th Grade Football – region champs, Final 4 in state playoffs 

3. Volleyball – League Champions for the 7th Grade 

4. Golf – Girls and Boys finish 2nd in the league championship 

5. Cross Country – Boys and Girls finish 3rd in the league championship 

6. Competition Cheer – 5th place finish in the region championship 

7. Academic Bowl – League Champions 

8. Softball – 7th place in the league 

Thank you to everyone that has played a role in our student athlete’s success. It takes everyone working together to support our student athletes. The support in our community is amazing. This is what makes Dalton a special place! This is the #Daltondifference! Go Big Red, Go TDA, Go Dalton Junior High, and Go Hammond Creek. 

-Dr. Steven Craft, Chief of Student Services and Activities