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Hilda Mills: Hammond Creek Middle School Classified Staff of the Year 2022-2023
Hilda Mills candid

Hilda Mills, the Registrar/Data Clerk at Hammond Creek Middle School, embodies dedication and support in her role within the district. She finds inspiration in the collaborative efforts of her team members to uplift students and foster a sense of teamwork.

Mills' favorite part of being named the Classified Staff of the Year is the recognition of her hard work and commitment to supporting teachers, staff, and students. She sees this honor as a collective acknowledgment of the efforts of everyone within the school community.

Mills thanks her family for their support and encouragement, the teachers for their care and dedication to students, and the administrative team for their support. She also appreciates her colleagues for their camaraderie and teamwork, as well as those who nominated her for the award.

For Hilda Mills, being recognized as the Classified Staff of the Year is a celebration of the collaborative spirit and dedication that defines Hammond Creek Middle School. Her commitment to excellence and support for her colleagues and students make her a true inspiration within the district.