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Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlights: Jesús Jacobo

Hispanic Heritage Month brings an exciting energy to Dalton Public Schools as numerous members of our staff and students boast strong connections to the Hispanic community.

Jacobo and Family

Jesús Jacobo, a teacher at Dalton Junior High School and head girls' soccer coach for The Dalton Academy, is a staff member who considers the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month both essential and sentimental.

Jacobo holds Hispanic Heritage Month close to his heart as he lived in Mexico until the age of 12.
 He says the culture and celebrations were experiences that he will never forget. 

“During this month of celebration, I remember those days and feel joy,” Jacobo said. “The Dia de los Muertos celebration in particular is such a colorful and unique celebration that I enjoy sharing with everyone around me.”

Jacobo started playing soccer as a six year old in Michoacan, Mexico. That experience in Mexico bloomed into a lifelong love of the sport, allowing Jacobo to play four years of collegiate soccer in NCAA Division III and coach for the last 10 years. 

It’s formative memories like these that encourage him to share the traditions and values of Hispanic culture with his students and athletes.

Jacobo enjoys attending Hispanic Heritage Month events hosted by his school alongside his students. He invests in the personal and cultural growth of his players by providing encouragement and even joining in on their Quinceañeras with his family.

“My wife, son, and I love sharing these special memories with them that also represent us as a community of Latinx,” Jacobo said.

Stay tuned as we continue observing Hispanic Heritage Month by showcasing the wonderful staff that make up our district.