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Marvin Tallent Named 2022 Classified Staff of the Year
Marvin Tallent receiving award

For his work as the lead custodian at Dalton Junior High School, Marvin Tallent was named the 2022 Classified Staff of the Year at the district’s annual Employee Convocation. Tallent has worked in the district since 2007, both as a bus driver and as a custodian.

Tallent said he starts off every day with a prayer for himself and for others, and always strives to come to work with a smile. 

“I love and care for all students and staff,” Tallent said. “I never look unhappy, and I always smile and have pride in my job.” 

Tallent takes pride in his job as the lead custodian, and holds himself and his team to high standards. He loves his job and said is always excited to come to work every day. 

“I arrive at work each day excited and ready to go,” Tallent said. “I refuse to have a dirty campus, no exceptions. I will never ask a person to do anything that I would not do myself. It is a joy to have the relationship I share with the students and staff.” 

Faith is an important part of Tallent’s life, and he credits his faith in God as his inspiration to work hard and be involved with the school community. 

“I strive to always be a person who loves and believes in God,” Tallnet said. “I seek his wisdom and guidance each day. It is not easy at times, but I strive to be involved with my students’ activities, and friends and family.” 

In addition to working as the lead custodian, Tallent drives a school bus. He said he loves the additional time spent with students on the bus routes. 

Marvin Tallent accepting award

“I love trips, games, and sharing my time with the students and staff,” Tallent said. “Each time I go on the road is special and rewarding.” 

As the Dalton Classified Staff of the Year, Tallent received a check for $500, as well as a check for $200 for his honor as the school Classified Staff of the Year. 

The financial awards were made possible through donations from partnering businesses: Shaw Industries, Georgia United Credit Union, McCamy Law Firm, Truist, Multiplex Construction Company, LLC, Ecovasive Environmental, Southern Janitorial, and Dalton Utilities. We also would like to thank First Student for their gift in-kind of transportation to the event for staff and Ford of Dalton for the free one-year car lease for the Teacher of the Year. 

Other school level Classified Staff of the Year honorees included Cynthia Martinez, Blue Ridge School; Allana Ensley, Brookwood School; Brittany Mack, City Park School; Melanie Franey, Dalton High School; Cindy Plascencia, Hammond Creek Middle School; Karla Gomez, Park Creek School; Leslie Elrod, Roan School; Jessica Barbosa, The Dalton Academy; and Gaby Hefner, Westwood School.