Dalton Public Schools News

May Board of Education Meeting Highlights Progress and Fiscal Responsibility

DALTON, GA  – The recent Board of Education meeting held on May 13, 2024, marked a significant step forward for Dalton Public Schools as Chief Financial Officer Theresa Perry hosted the inaugural public hearing on the Fiscal Year 2025 budget. Held at the City Park Elementary auditorium alongside the board’s monthly meeting, this session provided a platform for community engagement and input regarding budgetary decisions.

During Ms. Perry’s presentation, the details of the Fiscal Year 2025 general fund tentative budget draft 3 were meticulously outlined. Notable highlights include a recommendation for an ending fund balance of $16.9 million, equivalent to 15% of the total $112 million expenditures. The revenue overview revealed an anticipated local revenue of $46.2 million, primarily sourced from property taxes, with a noteworthy, anticipated growth in excess of 17%. Additionally, the budget includes provisions for a $4.1 million increase in state revenue, funding enhancements to salary and benefits, and allocations for capital projects, grants, nutrition programs, and debt servicing. View the full presentation here.

In a parallel development, Dr. Steven Craft, Superintendent, introduced significant changes to the organizational structure, including the addition of the Director of Literacy position and the Associate Superintendent of Innovation and School Improvement role. Further enhancements were made through several title changes within the organizational chart, aimed at refining roles and responsibilities for optimal efficiency. The comprehensive organizational chart, inclusive of job descriptions and contact information, will soon be accessible on the Dalton Public Schools website. A PDF version is available here.

The board members unanimously approved the adoption of Savvas myView Literacy and myPerspectives as the primary literacy curriculum for the Dalton Reads! initiative and students in grades K-8. This decision follows a thorough evaluation process led by the Executive Director of Teaching and Learning, Brandi Moore, district literacy specialists and various committees, ensuring alignment with state standards and the diverse needs of Dalton Public Schools students.

In addition to these milestones, the Board of Education took decisive actions to further support Dalton Public Schools. They voted to endorse the salary and wage schedules for employees for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year, implementing a 2% increase to the local teacher scale. In addition to the $2,500 increase from the state, the 2% means that Dalton teachers will see an increase of $960 to $1,440 annually on their salary scale. The board also approved the budgetary allocations for fiscal year 2025, encompassing various funds and ensuring the maintenance of the millage rate. Finally, the Board approved the Strategic Waiver School System Application, to allow Dalton Public Schools to continue implementing innovative educational strategies and further enhance the learning experience for students.