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Roan School family legacy continues
Collage of mothers and daughters who work at Roan School

Educators at Roan Elementary are applauding the school for fostering an environment where staff feel like family. For some Roan School staff, however, the feeling is authentic.

Roan is home to three pairs of Mother-Daughter educators who say they have fallen in love with the endless support offered by Roan.

Instructional Coach Holly Williams, Mother of English Language Learner/Early Intervention Program support teacher Kathryn Ryan, has taught at Roan for 17 years. Kathryn, a Dalton Public Schools graduate, is in her fourth year at Roan.

After graduating from the University of Mississippi, Kathryn found herself back in Dalton despite never thinking she would do so. Now, Kathryn is grateful for the opportunities the district offers for students and staff.

“My husband and I are grateful to teach in a place that is so supportive and has a lot of resources,” Kathryn said.

With three family members working in the district, Kathryn says their conversations frequently revolve around education.

“Our family gets mad all of the time because when we talk every day after school, it's always school-related,” Kathryn said. “It's nice having a family within the system. My husband teaches at the middle school, and I have my mom here.”

Kathryn said her mom has always been her biggest cheerleader, but now, her mom helps her as a coach.

“I love teaching at a school with her because you don't have that support system anywhere else,” Kathryn said. “It's nice having somebody to share your career with.”

Holly says one of the best benefits of working with her daughter is the exchange of ideas and shared passion for teaching children.

“We're all so passionate about kids and teaching,” Holly said. “We love what we do. I never would have thought I'd end up teaching with my daughter, but it works well.”

English Language Learner/Early Intervention Program support teacher Amy Roberts is the mother of first grade paraprofessional Carson Roberts. After 25 years of teaching, Amy said she is grateful for the 15 years she has spent at Roan and for the time she’s worked with her daughter.

“Everybody is very supportive, and the kids are awesome,” Amy said.

Laurie Wright, an academic interventionist, and her daughter, first grade teacher Laura Kate Wright, both started at Roan this August. Laurie said it's been her greatest privilege to watch her daughter’s passion for teaching come to life at Roan.

“It's my greatest dream to be with my daughter and to have a front row seat for her first year of teaching,” Laurie said. “It's just been incredible and to watch her God-given talents be put to use every single day is just a dream.”

Laura Kate said her mother’s intentionality and compassion for children motivated her throughout her educational journey. Laura has worked for Dalton Public Schools for over 20 years, so Laura Kate witnessed her mother teach and mentor others, inspiring her to pursue the same career.

“I always watched my mom be a really amazing teacher,” Laura Kate said. “She just really cared for her students. That's always something I saw in my mom. She was always a very intentional, caring teacher.”