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Ronnie McClurg Rotary Track Meet Unveils New Turf Stadium, Celebrates Legacy

The Ronnie McClurg Rotary Invitational Track Meet recently celebrated the unveiling of its new turf stadium with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Coach Ronnie McClurg, longtime football assistant, Head Track Coach, Head Football Coach, Athletic Director, Rotarian, and the meet's namesake, had the honor of performing the ribbon cutting. 

Track Ribbon Cutting 2024

Formerly known as the Dalton Rotary Track meet, this event has been a staple in the South for over 40 years. Coach McClurg initiated the meet in 1974 and has remained its driving force even after retiring in 1994. Back then, Dalton High lacked a home track, prompting Coach McClurg to rally the Dalton Rotary club for fundraising. 

His efforts raised a remarkable $15,000 within a week in the 1970s, leading to the construction of a track at Lakeshore Park, which served as Dalton High's home site until 1979. 

The event's growth has been substantial, evolving from around 12 teams to hosting upwards of 40, attracting some of the region's top athletes. Over the years, former competitors have excelled at collegiate and even professional levels. 

The new stadium features modern amenities including new bathroom facilities, dressing rooms, and a concession stand, making it wheelchair accessible and safe for all attendees. 

The stadium is utilized by various sports teams, including lacrosse, soccer, track and field, and football from Dalton High School, The Dalton Academy, Dalton Junior High School, and Hammond Creek Middle School. 

The 50th Annual Ronnie McClurg Rotary Invitational Track Meet was a highlight event held at the new stadium, marking a significant milestone in its history.