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Sheree Patton Named Featured Teacher by Georgia Council on Economic Education
Sheree Patton head shot

The Georgia Council on Economic Education (GCEE) named Sheree Patton as its “Featured Teacher” for the month of April. Patton, a teacher at Westwood School, is being recognized for her efforts to make economics and personal finance interesting subjects to study by connecting what she teaches in her classroom to the daily lives of her students. 

The “Featured Teacher” is a monthly program at GCEE designed to spotlight and recognize those teachers who are using interactive and creative methods to teach economics and personal finance to their students. Winning teachers receive a $50 Amazon gift card and signed certificate to recognize their outstanding work.  

“This recognition is our way of showcasing outstanding teachers who are making a tremendous difference in the lives of students by teaching economics and personal finance concepts in exciting and effective ways,” says Mike Raymer, GCEE’s Executive Director. “We know that by recognizing these professionals we are encouraging them and inspiring others.” 

Patton said that because it is her first year teaching third grade, she wanted to learn more about the standards covered for the new grade level. She decided to attend a conference hosted by GCEE last summer in order to learn more about economic education.  

At the conference, Patton said she learned how to incorporate multiple subjects into economic education.

“One of the things I love most is using literacy with science and social studies,” Patton said. “That ended up being one of the foundational things we did at the conference. That’s the most important thing I brought back that I was immediately able to use with the kids.” 

Third grade students cover a variety of economic topics during their school year, Patton said. 

“They learn more about economics than I ever did in the third grade,” Patton said. “We teach goods and services, taxes, spending and saving money. It’s all connected to the real-world, and the literature helps with that because they’re able to connect what they’re learning to the books.” 

According to Patton, receiving the award was a big honor and affirmed the hard work she is doing day-in and day-out to educate students.  

“I was super excited,” Patton said. “I think any time you take on professional learning in whatever field you’re in, it’s always nice to be recognized or appreciated.” 

Patton encouraged other educators to enroll in any courses, conferences or workshops offered by GCEE. 

“I would definitely recommend anything that’s offered by the Georgia Council on Economic Education,” Patton said. “It was phenomenal, and it took teaching economics to the next level. It helps you get outside the box and think in ways that you didn’t before. The resources they give you allow you to come back and immediately implement what you learned.”  

The Georgia Council on Economic Education helps K-12 teachers in Georgia’s public and independent schools teach economics. Through classroom materials, teacher workshops and special programs like the Stock Market Game, the Georgia Council helps students leave school prepared for their economic roles as productive workers, informed consumers and savers, involved citizens and lifelong decision makers in a globally interdependent world. Please visit for more information.