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The Dalton Academy Enhances Parental Involvement through Informative Workshops

Vanesa Vazquez, the English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Instructional Coach at The Dalton Academy, has been dedicated to supporting parents in their children's education through a recent series of workshops.

The Dalton Academy Enhances Parental Involvement through Informative Workshops

These workshops, held at The Dalton Academy, focused on helping parents navigate essential tools like Infinite Campus, Canvas, social media platforms, and monthly newsletters, alongside important Title I information. Vazquez emphasized the role parental involvement plays in student success.

"I truly believe parent involvement is crucial," says Vazquez. "That's why I initiated monthly meetings at The Dalton Academy, discussing topics relevant to parents."

These meetings provide valuable opportunities for parents to engage with their child's education, covering topics like mental health, vaping risks, technology usage, and responsible social media behavior. By providing parents with knowledge and resources, Vazquez aims to empower them to support their children effectively.

Close collaboration with community partners has been integral to the success of these meetings. Through inviting guest speakers, facilitating interactive workshops, and sharing informational materials, Vazquez ensures that the workshops resonate with parents and address their concerns.

Vazquez believes these gatherings foster a sense of community among parents, promoting genuine relationships and meaningful interactions. By prioritizing authentic connections, Vazquez creates an environment where every parent feels valued and empowered to contribute to their child's success.

Dalton Public Schools commends the efforts put forth to enhance parental engagement and looks forward to the continued success of these informative workshops at The Dalton Academy.

More information on the next round of workshops will be made available soon.