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The Dalton Academy's 3DE Program Excels in Home Depot National Case Competition

The Dalton Academy's 3DE Program, a Junior Achievement initiative, has achieved national recognition as 2024 Qualifiers of The Home Depot National Case Competition, placing Top 10 in the country. 

3DE at TDA

The entire tenth grade at The Dalton Academy participated in the case challenge, with an impressive five teams advancing to the national stage. Notably, one of these teams, comprised of Diana Victoriano, Camila Valdez-Barcenas, Katlyn McCurry, and Makayla Bartley, received national recognition for their outstanding performance.

The 3DE model focuses on developing students' skills through real-world applications, and in this case, students utilized design thinking to address a challenge presented by The Home Depot. The teams empathized with DIYers, conducted thorough research, developed prototypes, and tested their innovative solutions. The culmination of their efforts was presented in a 3-5 minute presentation, showcasing their learnings and proposals for The Home Depot.

To enrich their experience, the students had the unique opportunity to visit The Home Depot in Dalton. During their visit, they engaged with employees, toured the store, and posed questions relevant to their case. The interaction with Home Depot staff was highly valuable, fostering engagement that contributed to the students' success.

Lauren Holverson, a teacher at The Dalton Academy, expressed immense pride in the students and the innovative solutions they presented. She highlighted the engagement with The Home Depot staff, emphasizing the welcoming environment and the willingness of employees to support the students by answering numerous questions.

Holverson stated, "These opportunities allow our students to practice the skills and knowledge they've acquired in the classroom. Our students did an incredible job!" The success of Dalton Academy's 3DE Program in the Home Depot National Case Competition showcases the program's effectiveness in preparing students for real-world challenges and fostering a strong connection between education and industry.

For those interested in learning more about The Dalton Academy's 3DE Program, further information can be found on their website.