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Westwood Students Give Back to Community with Park Cleanup
WW Park Cleanup Leaves

The 5th-grade challenge class from Westwood School recently spent the day at one of Dalton's parks, dedicating their time to cleaning up the area. 

The students took on various tasks, including picking up sticks, laying mulch, and planting flowers. 

Martha Thomason, their teacher, enjoys guiding her class through various service projects.

"One of the things we talk about in school is giving back and serving others in the community," Thomason said. "We wanted to make sure we got one more service project in so they could give back to the community."

They were joined by workers from the Dalton Parks and Recreation department, who offered guidance and support throughout the day.

Dalton Parks and Facilities Superintendent Michael Hendricks played a role in coordinating the event.

"It's great because it shows them how much work we put into these parks, and we always appreciate the help," Hendricks said.

The class was also joined by Executive Director of Downtown Dalton Candace Eaton who gave the students Dalton-themed discs for disc golf.

"It encourages them to take pride in their community, and if they have enough pride in it, they'll take care of it when they come back," Eaton said.

After the cleanup, the students walked over to City Hall, where they were welcomed and thanked by Dalton Mayor David Pennington and City Administrator Andrew Parker. 

WW Park Cleanup Mayor

Mayor Pennington expressed his gratitude to the students, remarking on how their actions make a positive difference in the community. 

He encouraged the students to continue engaging in community service opportunities and reading, as they are vital in creating a better future for all.

The students were treated to lunch from Cyra's, a local restaurant that graciously offered their support to the project.

Westwood School wishes to thank Mayor Pennington and Andrew Parker for their encouragement and recognition of the students' hard work. 

They also express their gratitude to the Dalton Parks and Recreation department, Downtown Dalton, and Cyra's for their support and contributions.