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Dalton High Graduation Rate Increases
Dalton High Graduation Rate Increases

In keeping with the state trend of increasing graduation rates, Dalton High School's graduation rate climbed to an all-time high of 95.13 percent, up two percent from 2017 and above the state average by 13.5 points.

Dr. Tim Scott, superintendent of Dalton Public Schools, applauded the work at Dalton High by the staff and students to continue to improve the graduation rate at the school.

"Congratulations to Dalton High School for continuing to raise the bar and prepare more students to be successful in their future endeavors. A high school diploma is really the first step in widening a student's opportunities to pursue post-secondary education, technical school, the military or to secure a better job."

Morris Innovative High School saw an 11 percent drop in its graduation rate to 35.71 percent. The school has a number of programs that specifically serve students that are at-risk of dropping out of school.

The district average graduation rate is 78.94 percent, down from 83.27 percent in 2017.

"I know how hard the staff and administration at Morris Innovative High School work to help every student be successful and graduate," said Scott. "It's important to note that MIHS had 67 students graduated from MIHS last May with 54 graduates who completed their diploma requirements within four years. An additional two students graduated after attending summer school. We don't want to overlook the success the school is having, because a number of those graduates might not have ever finished school without the support and encouragement provided by the MIHS teachers."

Many students who enroll in MIHS are significantly behind in high school credits. The work required to earn enough credit to graduate on time requires a student to be disciplined, motivated and committed. Because of insufficient credits, about 20 percent of the students who enroll at MIHS need five years of high school, not four years, in order to successfully complete their diploma requirements to graduate.

"Dalton Public Schools expects every student to successfully graduate from high school," added Scott. "We will continue to focus on providing a rigorous instructional program and the necessary supports for all students to achieve the self-satisfaction of walking across the stage at graduation with a diploma."