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2017 Young Georgia Authors: Part of Your World
2017 Young Georgia Authors: Part of Your World

The annual Young Georgia Authors' Awards Recognition Celebration honored the 2016 RESA winners and the 2017 school, district and RESA winners on Tuesday, May 9 at the Crosspointe Christian Centre. The event began and ended with a gallery walk of the students' written works and an opportunity to meet and greet the students.

The program included the musical number "Part of Your World" from Dalton High School's spring musical, "The Little Mermaid," performed by Cole Cooper and Meg Phinney, in honor of the Young Georgia Authors' theme. The Dalton Dance Company 4 from the Dance Theatre of Dalton performed a dance to the Beatles' "Paperback Writer" amidst the presentation of awards.

The 2016 RESA winners were:

Perla Hernandez-Jurado, Roan School, "Little Blue Fairy Penguins"

Jurado was also recognized for winning the State's Overall Award for Kindergarten

Kamdon London, Park Creek, "Facts About Football"

Lanier Land, Westwood, "The Atlantic Ocean"

Eva Amaro, Dalton Middle School, "The Life"

The 2017 RESA winners are:

Brisa Moreno, Roan School, 3rd Place for "Amazing Dolphins"

Sophie Hernandez, Park Creek, 2nd Place for "Lucy the Pencil Eating Girl"

Cole Cooper, Dalton High School, 1st Place for "Stripped"

Taylor Triplett, Dalton High School, 1st Place for "Lopsided Mailbox"

Rafael Duchesne, Dalton High School, 2nd Place for "In Defense of Idiots: Musings of a Self-Appointed Martyr"

Photos of the winners can be seen below, as well as the video shown at the event interviewing the 2016 and 2017 RESA winners.