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Blue Ridge Teacher Donates Car to MIHS Student
Blue Ridge Teacher Donates Car to MIHS Student
“I couldn’t have picked a better person to give it to.”
Courtney Taylor giving car to student

After graduating high school, Courtney Taylor, media specialist at Blue Ridge School, was prepping for both college and career. In all of the craziness that comes with such a big transition period, Taylor received a generous graduation gift in a car.

This car holds a special place in Taylor's heart as it has been there for a number of milestones in her life.

"I got the car when I graduated high school as it got me through college and when I got married," said Taylor.

However, around the time when the coronavirus pandemic put the world on pause, Taylor and her husband of seven years became foster parents, which heightened Taylor's need to purchase a bigger car for their expanding foster family.

Looking to part with her old car, Taylor began looking into donating it to a student.

"It was still a great car and I wanted it to go to somebody that could really benefit from it," Taylor said.

Taylor opened up about her dilemma to an associate from Blue Ridge School who has multiple familial connections to Morris Innovative High School. Working together, they came up with the idea to find a student at Morris to receive Taylor's car.

Once the Morris staff and faculty chose a student to receive the car, they planned a surprise reveal. The faculty at Morris told the student to come to the school to sign some paperwork and receive an award she had earned in her program at school. Expecting only to be receiving her program's award, the student was both astounded and elated to find out that she would also be receiving a car.

"She was speechless," said Taylor. "She didn't really know what to think or say."

After presenting the student with the car, the Taylors got to talk to her and learn about all that she is doing this year. In their conversation, the generous couple found out the deserving student is working while taking dual-enrollment courses at Dalton State College.

At the end of this experience, above all else, Taylor feels great joy and contentment in that the car she and her husband donated went to someone who really needed it.

Before parting ways, Taylor told the student, "I couldn't have picked a better person to give it to."